Lamar Jackson is the Baltimore Ravens second-year quarterback and a high draft pick. He was groomed to be an NFL star but had to wait his turn behind Joe Flacco, who signed with the Denver Broncos in free agency after four seasons of service as Lamar’s backup. In 2018, Jackson finally got his chance at starting when injuries took their toll on Flacco and he stepped down from the game.

Lamar Jackson is a quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. He was drafted in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. In his rookie season, he has been able to make an impact on the field and lead his team to victory.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – The town of OWINGS MILLS is located in the state of Maryland. With his ability to avoid opponents, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has established himself as one of the best players in the game, establishing records and making highlights.

With the way he’s managed his contract issue, Jackson is now being praised as being at the top of his game.

Jackson has positioned himself to earn at least $130 million in guaranteed money and almost $7 million more per season than Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen did by not signing a contract last season. Jackson, who is one of the few NFL players without an agent, is being celebrated as loudly as when he passed for over 400 yards and four touchdowns.

“If I were Lamar Jackson, I’d go into [Ravens owner] Steve Bisciotti’s office, throw my feet up on his desk, and tell him, ‘Hey, Mr. Bisciotti, I don’t want $1 more than Deshaun Watson.’ But, by the way, I’m not going to take $1 less. So, when you’re ready to write a check for $230 million, I’ll sign it,’” said Mike Tannenbaum, a former NFL general manager, on ESPN’s Get Up. “And, as good as Lamar Jackson is as a player, he’ll go down in history as a Hall of Fame agent because he waited and represented himself.”

Last summer, Jackson, like Allen, became eligible for a contract extension. Unlike Allen, Jackson did not seek a new contract.


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Allen inked a six-year, $258 million agreement last summer, averaging $43 million per season and included a $100 million signing bonus. With Aaron Rodgers signing a contract worth $50 million per year with the Green Bay Packers and Watson signing a contract worth $230 million guaranteed ($80 million more than any other previous NFL player) with the Cleveland Browns this offseason, quarterback contracts have shattered previous records.

What Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson can do in the next year remains to be seen. Murray is allegedly seeking a contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals before the completion of April’s NFL draft. Wilson, who was traded to the Denver Broncos, is in line for a new contract.

“At the league meetings this week, Ravens coach John Harbaugh remarked, “It’s one of the nice things about Lamar Jackson, he’s really distinctive.” “He’s simply a man who doesn’t get caught up in things he doesn’t have control over or don’t want to deal with at the moment.

As he’s seen the market grow, Lamar Jackson has demonstrated that patience is a virtue in contract discussions. Icon Sportswire/Shelley Lipton

“Obviously, if it is important to him, it would be a priority at this time.” I’m certain we’d be able to do something. He has his justifications for thinking the way he does. ‘I have to concentrate on becoming the greatest quarterback I can be,’ he basically tells me. ‘I have to go back to work.’ Beyond that, I believe it will happen when the moment is perfect.”

Bisciotti questioned on Tuesday whether Jackson would follow quarterback Kirk Cousins’ lead and not sign with Washington once his rookie contract ended in 2016. Cousins was then franchised twice before entering free agency in 2018 and signing a fully guaranteed three-year, $84 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings. His $28 million average yearly compensation was the largest in NFL history.

Jackson, 25, is on the fifth year of his contract, which pays him $23.016 million this year. If the two parties are unable to reach an agreement, Baltimore will be compelled to utilize the franchise tag on him in 2023 and 2024 to prevent him from becoming a free agent. Jackson, at the age of 28, would be eligible for free agency in 2025 under this scenario. By that time, Bisciotti projected that quarterbacks would earn $60 million each season.

“You never know with Lamar,” Harbaugh added, “it’s not really at the forefront of his mind anytime I speak to him.” “I’d want to get things done.” I believe he intends to act in some way. “At some point in the future, we’re going to do something.”

Nobody knows what Jackson’s intentions are since he hasn’t spoken much about his contract situation other than to say his attention is on other things, such as winning a Super Bowl and progressing as a quarterback. Jackson hit back at reports that he wants to leave Baltimore on Wednesday, tweeting that he loves the Ravens.

My Ravens are my favorite team. Stop trying to read my mind, I don’t know who’s putting out that bogus narrative that I’m thinking of leaving.

— March 30, 2022, Lamar Jackson (@Lj era8)

One argument is that, due of his playing style, Jackson should expect to get compensated straight away. Since taking over as the Ravens’ starting quarterback in the middle of the 2018 season, Jackson has been hit 736 times, whether rushing or attempting to prolong plays. Over that period, he has thrown the ball 64 times more than any other quarterback.

Jackson’s worth might be lowered if he suffers a serious injury. Jackson, on the other hand, has shown to be quite resilient. He missed the last four games of the season due to a bone bruise in his right foot, but it was the first time in his four-year career that he has missed any games due to injury. He was also hurt when attempting to chuck the ball rather than sprint downfield.

Bisciotti does not believe this is a significant concern. He mentioned how Burrow tore his ACL in 2020 but went on to lead the Bengals to the Super Bowl the following year.

“Oh, Lamar is more vulnerable?” says the narrator. “He isn’t,” Bisciotti said emphatically. “Like Drew Brees, these players are bashing their hands on a helmet and missing six games.” Do you get what I’m saying? Burrow was not in a hurry. He had his hand in the pocket. He is crushed, and his ACL is torn.

“People have like claimed that running quarterback has a greater proclivity for injury, and I don’t know that anybody has ever backed that up with any type of research.” I’m not sure anybody has ever done anything like that. Have you seen it before? They speak about it as if it’s gospel, as if being a running quarterback makes you more prone to injury. It’s as though you’re saying, “Show me.” Please provide me with the statistics. They’re something I’ve never seen before.”

The Ravens have made it obvious that they want to commit to Jackson for the long haul. The question is when Jackson will begin contract negotiations and how much it will take to close the deal.

“I think life stinks as an NFL owner and a fan base without a QB you believe in,” Bisciotti said later, adding, “We’ll pay him when he’s ready.”

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