“God of War” is a game series based on Greek mythology, with the protagonist being Kratos. Troubleshooting and common fixes for “PS4 God of War” players experiencing major FPS drops have been made by PlayStation in their latest system update.

The “fps” is an acronym for Frames Per Second. The “God of War PC players are experiencing major fps drops” is a problem that has been present for a while.

God of War PC players are experiencing major FPS drops


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We’re quite sure you’re already aware that the newest installment in the God of War series is now available on PC.

While the majority of people are loving their chance to play Sony’s once-exclusive game, others are having gameplay troubles.

Even while the game made a very seamless transfer to PCs, with some individuals even making it feasible to play it on Windows 7 and 8, problems remain unavoidable.

The FPS difficulties seem to be mostly an AMD issue.

Players who have beaten Ragnarok on PlayStation are now looking forward to the sequel, which is theoretically only around the horizon.

Those who do not possess Sony-powered game consoles, on the other hand, are now keen to enjoy the experience on their PCs.

Although you won’t hear many people complaining about God of War for PC, there are those who are having trouble and are unsure why.

More and more reports are appearing in the online realm, primarily from users who seem to be testing the game on setups with AMD GPUs and/or CPUs.

On the PC version of this game, I’m always getting low FPS numbers in some sequences. For the game, I’m averaging about 90FPS. However, when I gaze in particular locations in Lake of Nine, I receive roughly 40-50 frames per second. And, strangely enough, the FPS does not alter whether I adjust the graphical settings or resolution. Another scene from Alfheim is an example. No matter whatever graphical choices I choose, I get roughly 55-60 FPS. I adjusted the game’s FidelityFX (Render resolution scaling) settings to make comparisons simpler. In certain angles, there is no change in FPS.

Even though neither the creators nor AMD have made any formal pronouncements, this is still just conjecture for the time being.

However, based on the amount of gamers reporting identical troubles with AMD components, we can easily see that there is some type of conflict there.


Essentially, people are claiming that the game plays well at first, but that large FPS reductions can be seen in some regions, such as Lake Nine.

There, the declines are fairly dramatic, in some instances virtually halving. Even more troubling is the fact that the majority of those who comment to such postings indicate that they, too, are experiencing the same issue on AMD-powered systems.

My 6800xt has the same problem while playing 34401440. It’s an AMD problem, and if you look at your GPU utilization during those massive frame drops, you’ll see that it’s also tanking. Thankfully, it seems to be restricted to certain locations or, as you said, a specific orientation.

Given the previous problems that gamers have had with the world-renowned hardware company, this isn’t entirely surprising.

However, AMD engineers and game makers should work on this as soon as possible to ensure that God of War is a nice experience for everyone.

Especially now that so many people are involved in playing it, since the newest God of War game has attracted more new players in such a short period of time than Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn did when they were published on Steam.

What can I do to get the FPS back up?

As previously said, the fact that these issues are limited to AMD-powered systems has yet to be proven, so it’s likely that users with alternative hardware are suffering the same issues.

However, there are certain actions you can take to ensure that some of the reasons of FPS decreases are eliminated.

First and foremost, ensure that your game is up to date. Don’t forget to update your graphics drivers as well, since this is a vital step in resolving the issue.

Another wonderful option for smooth gameplay is to disable all overlays, as well as the Xbox Game Bar and its recording functions.

Remember to check your in-game visual options to make sure you’re not attempting to play on resolutions or detail levels that aren’t supported.

Finally, if a more conservative Windows power plan is set, altering it may help, but it may also prevent the game from operating as smoothly as you want it to.

We’ll keep an eye on this subject for any fresh developments and let you know as soon as we learn more about the FPS decreases.

Remember that, according to recent sources, God of War: Ragnarok, the next chapter in Kratos’ story, will be published in September.

Until then, if you’re interested in playing additional PlayStation exclusives on your PC, we remind you that Ghost of Tsushima is said to be coming to Steam in February.

Do you have any issues with FPS dips when playing God of War on your PC? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my PC have sudden FPS drops?

A: Your computer or laptop may have overheated, causing it to experience sudden FPS drops. The best thing to do is close all programs that are in use and reboot your PC.

Why is my FPS so low even though I have a good PC?

A: The FPS in Beat Saber PS4 is actually quite low. This is because the game was designed to be played with a controller and not on PC, so you will need to adjust your graphics settings accordingly.

Can RAM cause FPS drops?

A: RAM is a resource that can cause FPS drops on PC games, but not to the same degree as hard drive space.

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