Genshin Impact is a popular free to play Android game from  Genshin Ascii . The game has been downloaded over 5 million times, and has a combined score of 10,000,000 based on an average user rating of 4.6.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the Endless Research Quest in Genshin Impact. We will be walking through the entire quest in a least one of the six different areas available in the game. This will be a long post so if you are looking for something more condensed, please check out our walkthrough on the quest.

This is my personal walkthrough of “Genshin Impact: Endless Research Quest” for the Nintendo 3DS. This walkthrough is to be considered as a personal experience with my 3DS and is not meant to be taken as a professional opinion.

Infinite Exploration is a world quest available in Genshin Impact.

Your goal is to help Alrani defeat the Hilihurren and show them how to see the elements.

Here’s a guide to infinite exploration in Genshin Impact.

Defeat the Healehurls

After you meet Alrani in Liyue Port, you should meet her in the northern Luhua Basin.

The location is displayed on the map.

As you progress, you will see many hilihurren. Take them all out first.

Use of basic vision

After you talk to Alrani, go to the yellow circle on the map. Use the elemental view and you will see a purple aura.

Follow his instructions.

Overcoming snails

A simple search should lead you to the electric disk. Turn them off and talk to Alrani again.

The search ends here. You receive 20,000 mora, the book of prosperity x 5, the book of diligence x 5, and the book of gold x 5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the endless research quest in Genshin impact?

You can only get it in the first game of the series.

Is Genshin impact endless?

Genshin is not an endless resource.

How do you unlock Yakshas wish Genshin impact?

To unlock Yakshas wish Genshin impact, you need to complete the “The Voice of the Forest” quest.

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