God Of War is one of the most anticipated games in history, but it has been delayed at least twice before release. Will he ever make it out?

The “god of war ragnarok on ps4” is a game that has been highly anticipated by fans. However, the inevitable delay of this game has given Sony a lot of time to make changes in order to make it better.

Games Inbox: The inevitability of a God Of War Ragnarök delay

God Of War Ragnarök screenshot

Will God Of War Ragnarök really be released this year? (pic: Sony)

One reader is concerned about the summer games drought in 2022, so the Friday letters page looks forward to fresh Capcom news.

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The Covid’s shadow As a result, the Starfield delay was a disappointment. Given how little they’ve shown of it, I’m not shocked, but it’s still a pity since it’s a fresh IP and now the only intriguing item slated for Christmas. Things are starting to look dark, and with God Of War Ragnarök being the only big game remaining that isn’t an annual sequel, I’m wondering how long until it gets pushed back as well.

I know they announced it wasn’t delayed lately, but it wasn’t Sony; it was just some random developer. After all, Microsoft was just 200 days away from releasing Starfield not long ago.

I’m not blaming anybody; I’d prefer a game be delayed than released as a buggy mess, but I believe it highlights how long the epidemic will have a detrimental impact on games. It may be almost gone now, but it’ll continue delaying games and restricting supplies for years to come — at least two, based on what I’ve seen.

I wouldn’t be shocked if God Of War is delayed, and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 and Starfield aren’t released until next Christmas at the earliest. Costa

The new standard So Nintendo’s Indie World broadcast was nothing special, and certainly cheval cheval. It’s only one example, but it makes me believe that the excitement of the first three months of the year will be followed by an utterly barren Christmas and a much more dismal summer games drought than normal. Especially with the postponement of the two Xbox games.

Maybe it’s no one’s fault, but like most things in the world right now, I can’t wait for things to return to normal, if they ever will. I won’t mind if businesses start releasing more games at the beginning of the year on purpose, but is it really such a stupid notion to spread them out across the whole year?

Is there ever a moment when no one buys games? I can understand how the summer months would be reduced, but how long does a British summer last? How about two or three weeks? If I have to wait until next January for any exciting games, it will seem like an eternity. Snaggletooth

Sooner or later Capcom has a slew of new titles to unveil this year, which has me quite psyched. They’re still my favorite publisher after all these time, and I’m delighted they haven’t been taken out yet.

Interestingly, despite neither of them releasing anything new recently, both they and Konami are claiming record revenues at the moment.

I’m afraid this will simply make it less likely for Konami to make an attempt, but Capcom seems to put their money into producing new games and odd things like Exoprimal, so it’s not a firm that just creates identikit sequels.

I’m excited to be surprised by whatever they come up with, and I’ll only be mildly sad if one of them isn’t a new Power Stone. Denka

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Sunken coast fallacy I still don’t understand why Skull & Bones exists given that Sea Of Thieves is already out there and is practically the same idea, just with a sense of humour. Is that what Ubisoft thinks people are after? Sea Of Thieves but boring and five years too late?

I would have bet big money that game would be canceled, and although I haven’t been proved wrong yet, it does seem weird to spend ten years developing something that was just supposed to be a Black Flag spin-off.

But what do I know? At the very least, Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope seems to be enjoyable. So amazing, in fact, that I’m wondering whether XCOM 3 will adopt its notion of not utilizing mobility grids. Focus

Worlds of aliens I was going to say that I don’t think the next Avatar film would be as successful as the first, but I was also incorrect, so I’m not going to gamble against James Cameron, even if I have no understanding why his previous two films have been so successful.

The only reason I may be interested in the game is to see the quality of the visuals, which so far seem to be outstanding. I agree that we don’t see enough extraterrestrial landscapes in games and films, and GC was correct in pointing out that Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of the few games to do so.

I’m hopeful that the next Star Wars game from the same studio will be as daring, even if all we get is more desert planets. It’s been lost in the shuffle of other, more serious criticisms about the new films, but one thing that has frustrated me since the prequels is how un-alien most of the alien planets are. Also, there are no new aliens in the subsequent trilogy. What good is space exploration if it all looks like the Sahara Desert? Jesse

Once is sufficient. Backwards compatibility for the Switch 2 is an intriguing subject, but I’d like to believe Nintendo is aware that this is now a major concern. They’re obstinate, but not foolish, and I’m sure they keep a tight eye on the rest of the business — they simply ignore it and decide it’s not for them in the end.

However, they’ve definitely made a fortune by reselling their greatest hits on every new format that comes out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased Super Mario Bros. over the years, and titles like Zelda: The Wind Waker have been re-released several times, and will most likely be on Switch as well.

But this has to come to an end. That would never happen on Xbox, much alone PlayStation. After you’ve purchased a game, you should be able to play it on any other format that comes out later. Sure, charge us more if there are remasters or substantial modifications, but you can’t keep charging us the same price for the same game.

If the Switch 2 is even coming, which I’m not certain it is, I’m confident that won’t be the case in the future. Korey

No interruptions I recall GC saying that devs hate demos because they take too much time away from the real game, but I’ve never heard anybody cite that as an actual explanation until the latest Alan Wake 2 announcement.

It’s a bad they can’t simply show some gameplay video, but I’d prefer the game come out when it’s supposed to rather than having it delayed just because they produced a demo. ‘Cast

More about gaming

Performance history I may be becoming (even more) pessimistic as I get older, but based on my own experiences with Bethesda Game Studios’ output over the previous several generations, I’d be surprised if Starfield ever works smoothly and without bugs, much alone at launch. Despite the fact that open world, first-person role-playing adventures have been their defining genre for decades, when was the last time they released anything that wasn’t a janky disaster in some way straight out of the gate? Have they ever before?

I prefer Fallout, so I haven’t played them, but aren’t even the most recently spruced-up reissues of Skyrim still glitch-prone to some degree? Since launch, they’ve had well over a decade to refine the code.

I’m sure that creating seamless, stable gaming environments on the scale they strive for would be difficult for anybody, but given Bethesda’s track record, I can’t help but believe that avoiding Starfield being heralded as the next Cyberpunk 2077 is fundamentally beyond them, no matter how long they postpone it.

Seeing news of this latest snafu made me wonder: have any gaming developers ever succeeded to create a first-person, open world role-playing game that isn’t plagued by long-term technical challenges and major bugs? After almost finishing Cyberpunk 2077 (and almost seeing every ending), it’s evident that CD Project Red aren’t much better at the genre. Is there anything about first-person games that makes them too difficult to build, are the difficulties with the studios themselves, or are the problems with the proprietary game engines they employ to generate the games?

I’m simply asking because I remember being utterly blown away by how huge and smooth Grand Theft Auto 5 was on my PlayStation 3. Similarly, Breath Of The Wild on the Nintendo Switch is no less stunning in terms of technological execution. I know they’re both third-person games with different gameplay mechanics than Fallout/Skyrim/Cyberpunk, but they’re still games with massive environments, filled with a massive number of quests and interactions, and they don’t seem to have the same issues in my experience, even on far less powerful hardware.

Is it simply because Nintendo and Rockstar are superior at producing open world games, ignoring the embarassing performance difficulties with the new GTA Trilogy remasters (which weren’t handled by the core Rockstar A-team, if I’m not mistaken)? Is it simpler to write in third person? Or are Bethesda and CD Project Red simply bad at what they do?

Whatever the case may be, I can’t help but think that, although Microsoft acquired some huge talent when they purchased Zenimax, Bethesda is nowhere near the top of that skill tree. Youhomeisatrisk

GC: From a technological standpoint, being first person makes no difference. In any case, Bethesda games include various third-person perspectives.

also-rans in inbox Redout is also available for free on the Epic Games Store, with a mystery game set to release on Thursday. Andrew J.

I’m hoping that A Plague Tale: Requiem isn’t the next game to be delayed. It’s been unusually quiet… Simon

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