The NCAA Division III Men’s Basketball Tournament is the annual championship tournament for men’s basketball teams from universities in North America that have a degree-granting program and are not members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The champion is awarded an automatic bid to one of 41 tournaments sponsored by U.S. regional athletic conferences, without having to go through any regular season competition or postseason tournament with other conference champions.

The “final four tickets 2022” is the name of a sporting event that is happening in 2022. The event will be held at the United Center, Chicago, Illinois.

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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Mike Krzyzewski staggered off the Superdome floor with his right hand clutched around the left hand of his wife, Mickie, at 10:07 p.m. local time Saturday night.

Krzyzewski paused as they approached the point where the arena floor exits and the corridor to the changing room starts. He came to a halt to soothe rookie guard Trevor Keels, holding him as he sobbed openly. The event and the night for Duke and Krzyzewski occurred in front of a Final Four mural painted on the wall, which served as the background for both the scene and the night: The Road Ends Here.

With a thunderclap, Krzyzewski’s last defeat as Duke’s head coach propelled him into retirement, combining both the end of Krzyzewski’s Hall of Fame career and one of the finest Final Four games in the sport’s history. The impending history, stakes, and tension from Duke’s 81-77 loss to rival North Carolina all combined for one of the sport’s most captivating exhibitions.

Krzyzewski’s tenure ended amid a furious defeat in a historic game against his hated rival, despite 1,202 victories, 13 Final Four appearances, and a career that redefined the parameters of coaching success in college basketball. With a jarring screech of brakes and the accompanying blender of emotion, the road came to a halt here, one exit short of a chance at bliss.

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It’s difficult to distill the historical convergence that occurred on Saturday night. No one could have imagined a narrative line in which first-year UNC coach Hubert Davis defeated 42-year Duke coach Krzyzewski in a game that would be remembered for years as a dueling finale for both schools. After 257 encounters and a century of rivalry, it all happened during the schools’ first-ever NCAA tournament matchup.

The victory gave Davis his second unforgettable triumph over his opponent in the previous four weeks, in addition to the stakes, the stage, and the decades of enmity developed in this rivalry. He also ruined Krzyzewski’s last game at Cameron Indoor Stadium with an unrelenting display that foretold the Tar Heels’ cool-hand execution throughout the tournament.

Krzyzewski’s job was on the line on Saturday night, with a Dramamine-inducing 12 ties, 18 lead changes, and Duke blowing a seven-point second-half lead. It took place in a New Orleans-style bacchanal atmosphere, with no referee whistles audible courtside and a constant throaty clamor providing the soundtrack. The audience of 70,602 was standing for the most of the game, according to Krzyzewski.

Even in loss, Krzyzewski recognized the quality of the game.

He responded, “I’ll be OK.” “Being in the arena has been a blessing.” And when you’re in the arena, you’ll either feel terrific or in pain, but you’ll always feel great about being there.

“And I’m sure that’ll be the thing I’ll miss when I look back. I’m not going to be in the arena any longer. But, wow, I was in the arena for quite some time. And these youngsters made my final appearance in the arena unforgettable.”


Every game of the Men’s NCAA Tournament will be broadcast live! Live Streaming of March Madness

The most startling moment came from former Suns owner and longtime USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo, who sobbed in the corridor after being approached by ESPN to discuss his friend’s career ending. “He didn’t want it to end the way it did, and I didn’t want it to end the way it did,” Colangelo continued, his voice trembling. “I imagined it would go on indefinitely.” It had all the makings of a game-tying, game-tying, game-tying, game-tying, game-tying, game-tying, game-tying, game

“It was a battle between two excellent squads. ‘You don’t have to win anything else,’ I reminded him a few nights ago. ‘I’ve already written the narrative.’ But I had a desire…” After Colangelo’s voice faded, he respectfully concluded the conversation and went away. On Saturday night, the kaleidoscope of joy, finality, history, admiration, and sadness that ran through the intestines of the stadium was highlighted by the emotional takeover.

Colangelo’s desire for his friend to end his career on a high note mirrored popular sentiment across the country, as the possibility of Krzyzewski winning his final dance provided the type of juicy story line that would have cemented Monday night’s status as one of the most anticipated NCAA championship games in history. The fact that an NCAA championship involving Kanas and North Carolina — both of whom wear different shades of bright blue — will be considered as a failure in terms of ratings and spectacle is maybe the finest tribute to Coach K’s career.

Krzyzewski has had hundreds of at-bats in the arena throughout his career at Duke, which dates back to Jimmy Carter’s administration. And his 76 percent winning rate at Duke has guaranteed him a place on the Mount Rushmore of sports.



LaPhonso Ellis and Seth Greenberg discuss UNC’s dramatic NCAA tournament victory against Duke.

However, Colangelo’s expression of sadness late Saturday was a verbalization of the gloom surrounding Duke’s program. Duke possessed the game’s most skilled player (Paolo Banchero), a stronger roster, and was favored by four points, thus there was a clear feeling of a great chance missed. Duke was the betting favorite to win the championship in New Orleans, but they were outplayed in the last 90 seconds.

Krzyzewski has won five national championships in collegiate basketball, more than any other coach save John Wooden. However, there will be some remorse in Krzyzewski’s career twilight, as he might have — and some may say should have — delivered championship No. 6 in recent years. This Duke team lacked the same skill advantage as the Zion Williamson-led club that fell in the Elite Eight to a mediocre Michigan State squad in 2019.

Krzyzewski’s last championship game, in 2015, and all of Duke’s following one-and-done reloads largely kept the Blue Devils in the discussion at the top of the sport (with last year’s 13-11 being the noteworthy exception), but they failed to deliver the highest reward.

In the dark lighting and dismal slate color palettes of the Superdome’s basement, Krzyzewski inadvertently captured the moment. He provided a recommendation as he staggered aboard a golf cart following his last formal news conference of his career, which served as a suggestion for a more attractive finale.

“Perhaps you can all superimpose a sunset,” he said.

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