Lewis Hamilton says that the racing rules of Formula 1 are no longer clear and that it is difficult to know what will happen next.

Formula 1’s new rule sets have been the source of much attention, with Ferrari and Mercedes taking a different approach to Toyota. The fans are split on what they want – but there is one winner: Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton believes the current rules in Formula 1 are not clear and needs to be changed. His comments come as Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says it’s too late for any serious changes because of the time lost during negotiations. What does this mean for F1?

LUSAIL, Qatar (Qatar) – After the FIA decided not to investigate the incident in which Max Verstappen pushed him off the track at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton feels the regulations around wheel-to-wheel racing in Formula One are no longer clear.

On Lap 48 of last weekend’s race, Verstappen and Hamilton both wound up in the run-off area at Turn 4 after the Red Bull driver braked late, failed to reach the apex, and left both cars with little choice but to drift wide.

Mercedes tried to have the incident investigated by the FIA’s stewards earlier this week, but the same panel determined that additional evidence from Max Verstappen’s onboard camera was not “serious” enough to warrant a new probe.

F1’s 20 drivers convened a video conference on Friday for a regular driver briefing ahead of this weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix, but ended up lingering online for nearly an hour debating what is authorized in a wheel-to-wheel duel with FIA race director Michael Masi.

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After qualifying on Saturday, Hamilton told the media that it was unclear what would be termed “rough racing” and what would result in a penalty.

He said, “No, it’s not obvious.” “Every driver, save Max, I believe, was asking for clarification… the majority of drivers were asking for clarification, but it wasn’t really apparent.”

“It’s still unclear where the track’s boundaries are. When overtaking, it’s evident that the white line is no longer the white line.

“We’ll just go for it… all we want is for consistency, so if it was the same for the previous race, it should be the same for all of us in such circumstances, and then everything will be great.”

When asked whether he will be more aggressive in future wheel-to-wheel confrontations, Hamilton replied: “Yes, I suppose so. Potentially. I’m not sure what to say. Yes, I believe that is the case.”

“It’s apparent that if it’s a similar event to what happened in Brazil, then it’s OK,” Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas remarked. But it’s always a tight line, and consistency is crucial for us to know precisely what we’re doing.

“I don’t believe we were given a clear explanation of what we may and cannot do.” Every overtaking, every maneuver is different, so I’m sure they do their hardest to do the best job they can, whether they issue out penalties or not.

“I don’t believe it makes a difference; we’ll just go for it.” “At the very least, we know that whatever Lewis and Max had in Brazil was OK, so that’s a nice thing to know.”

Lewis Hamilton speaks with the media after his pole position in the Qatar Grand Prix. Pool/Getty Images/Hamad I Mohammed

The discussion, according to Verstappen, was more focused on having all of the drivers to agree on the FIA’s racing principles.

“Well, I believe it’s always to try to align everyone in having the same process in a manner you think,” Verstappen said. “Everyone is different and everyone has their own method of racing, defending, overtaking, and it’s obviously extremely difficult for the FIA to have everyone on the same line.”

“Of course they make the decision, but each driver has his or her own viewpoint.”

“It was all about exchanging thoughts and the FIA clarifying their thinking process yesterday. I believe we came a long way, and despite the fact that it was a lengthy briefing, I believe it was quite apparent in the end.”

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