The idea was to explore the world with Flint, the water bottle we created. We spent a week in the South Pacific, and, yes, it tasted a little different from the bottled water we are used to. We heard about a few interesting products, and learned some things about the world we thought we already knew.

As with any city, Flint, Michigan is full of many interesting sights and places to see. In this article, I will showcase some of the best and most interesting places to visit.

This is a blog post where I’m going to show you some of the places that I have explored while living in the city of Detroit. I hope that you’ll find this helpful as you travel around the world, or even just around the city that you live in. I’ll be sharing with you some of the places that I’ve visited, and some of the activities that I’ve done. I hope you’ll take a look!


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  • Haven Park is a small indie game with adorable characters and visuals.
  • This is the game for you if you want to explore, gather materials, create, and interact with campers. 
  • Despite its short length, the missions and sidequests make it seem engaging and enjoyable.
  • Keep in mind that Haven Park is more of an adventure game than a simulator.


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Haven Park is a charming and family-friendly indie game about exploring and restoring a natural park to its former splendor. You go across a small, calm open world. Meet and greet the campers, gather the materials needed to construct nice small campsites, and keep the campers happy. On your trip, you’ll encounter a slew of side tasks.

It’s not often that my preconceived notions about a game lead me wrong, but that was the case with Haven Park. I wasn’t sure whether this was the game for me when Mooneye Studios (of Lost Ember fame) approached me with a review copy. I despise any sort of simulation or management game, and I mistookly assumed this would be a hybrid of the two.

Haven Park is an exploration game, not a simulation.

1628860881_1_Explore-the-world-with-FlintTo minimize the tent-ion, this is a camping pun.

Let me put the record straight if you have the same worries, or if you don’t and a park management simulation is precisely what you’re looking for in this title: Haven Park is a game about exploring first and foremost: You travel across the map, picking up things along the way and finding new places and people to speak to.

It features a pleasant gameplay cycle in which you see something new to interact with at the edge of the screen, move towards it, and then something new emerges in your path, demanding to be examined.

1628860882_196_Explore-the-world-with-FlintI’m sure it’s OK if I claim ownership of everything.

Haven Park is, above all, a peaceful experience. There is no time pressure to keep park visitors pleased, and there are no bars to keep full, so they don’t have to worry about how much they have to eat or drink. The only criteria are that each campground have specific structures, such as tents to sleep in, a grill to order food from, or a beautiful swimming pool to jump into whenever they want. However, you may accomplish all of this at your leisure. Want to construct a Ferris wheel out of scrap metal? No one will object if you do so.

Flint is a tiny yet competent creature.

You may have seen the adorable protagonist as well. We take on the role of Flint, a young bird who has just inherited his grandmother’s duty for keeping the park clean and tidy.

1628860883_757_Explore-the-world-with-FlintFlint, none of us ever do…

You repair damaged fences and street lights, construct campsites, and speak with tourists to see if there is anything you can do to assist them.

They’ll send you on missions to help you advance through the game, but it never seemed like a hassle, and I genuinely wanted to assist the adorable animal characters. I first mistook most of them for sidequests, but they all lead to a magnificent conclusion.

1628860883_72_Explore-the-world-with-FlintA crown was chosen by this Robin over a hood.

For instance, you’ll need Robin’s assistance to open the drawbridge behind him. But first, you’ll need to retrieve a crown from a nearby snowman. The snowman has his own mission, and you must bring him a gleaming diamond to replace his nose.

However, that gem can only be obtained by completing a sequence of missions scattered throughout the globe. Each one necessitating the acquisition of a single object in order to proceed. You can probably guess where I’m heading with this.

1628860884_10_Explore-the-world-with-FlintThe shovel, to be precise. It’s a game-changing innovation.

I was fortunate in that I already had said gem, but I can understand how irritation might arise if you have to go back to get it, particularly because the questline isn’t exactly clear.

However, you get experience for everything you do in the game, even picking up tiny twigs or bits of fabric. You may allocate points to a basic skill system that allows you to carry more goods, leap higher, and build new structures on your campsite as you earn levels.

1628860884_568_Explore-the-world-with-FlintFlint’s first focus was not recycling.

Again, don’t let any of this discourage you: there’s enough of experience to be gained, and you’ll quickly reach the highest level. Some may consider this fluff, but I’ve always like RPG systems in games, no matter how tiny they are.

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In fact, it’s these tiny senses of success that make it such a rewarding game: there’s always something to earn and a new satisfying box to check off.

What’s not to like about Haven Park?

This leads me to perhaps one of my few grievances or issues with Haven Park: the map.

1628860885_811_Explore-the-world-with-FlintThe Plan. Without it, I’d be lost.

A new campsite/region will show on the map when you find it. So far, everything has gone well. The main issue is that the map is never utilized to illustrate where to travel next and, worse, does not include Flint’s position.

Haven Park isn’t a lengthy game; I only took about 4 hours to complete it and most of the optional content, but a significant portion of that time was spent trying to get my bearings and figure out where I needed to go next.

Friends who were also playing the game would send me private messages asking how to get back to the cable car or where the cannon that takes them to the end of the game was, but I couldn’t really give them clear instructions because the way this bit of linear adventure was shaped wasn’t all that straightforward.

The ability to teleport to a certain campground would be helpful, but without it, you’ll have to depend on the good old-fashioned signposts that can be found at every junction.

1628860886_516_Explore-the-world-with-FlintInstead, he chose to become a navy commander.

That is basically the only criticism I have of the game, thus it should come as no surprise that I wholeheartedly suggest it to anybody who enjoys little adventures like this. It’s sure to be a soothing experience, and since it doesn’t linger too long, it can be completed in a few sittings and becomes a pleasant memory to reminisce over.

Conclusions on Haven Park

Haven Park is a short yet memorable indie game that emphasizes exploration, healthy relationships with park guests, and a pleasant gameplay loop. I couldn’t put down the controller since it was so much fun, and I ended up defeating it in one sitting. For all ages, this is a must-try!

Haven Park is available for €8,49 on Nintendo Switch and PC, with a Steam version ready to operate on any operating system. I tested it on Windows 10 using an Xbox controller, but it can also be played with a mouse and keyboard.

The controls are simple, consisting mostly of a jump button and an action button for interacting with items and park guests.

The minimal system requirements aren’t too demanding, and you should be able to operate Haven Park with little to no effort on low-end systems.

*Disclaimer: This review was conducted on a computer. The publisher supplied a review copy.

Pros Visually appealing Excellent gameplay loop It seems to be intended to be a pleasant experience in every way. Cons It’s simple to become lost. It’s not very lengthy, and it’s not particularly replayable.

Overall, a short small game with a lot of mini-quests that will keep you amused for a long time, particularly with some adorable, well-rounded characters. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Haven Park in the comments box below, and we’ll be sure to keep the conversation going.

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