Cyclone is a type of storm with rotating winds which can reach speeds over 200 miles per hour. Cyclones are one of the most powerful storms on earth, and they often wreak havoc in unlucky regions that lie near their paths. They also happen to be pretty cool because they’re composed entirely out of wind!

The “cyclone vs tornado” is a question that many people have. The answer to this question is actually quite simple. A cyclone is a type of weather system, while a tornado is a rotating column of air in contact with both the surface and a cumulonimbus cloud.

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The cyclone is defined as a spherical rotation of enormous winds in the atmosphere. The cyclone is a natural catastrophe that destroys everything in its path when it arrives.

It is the most devastating natural catastrophe. It obliterates people’s lives. A cyclone is a storm with very high wind speeds and significant rainfall, as well as low air pressure.


Cyclones originate in the seas, and they may move for up to 7 days on average. Hurricanes and typhoons are other names for cyclones.

The cyclone usually manifests itself in regions near to the sea. Because there is no control over the water when a cyclone strikes, there is a greater risk of flooding in coastal regions.

When a cyclone strikes, the wind strength is so powerful that it may uproot an electric pole or a large tree. This cyclone can do significant harm to humans.

The Consequences Of A Cyclone


Generally, cyclone-prone locations are those that are visible, such as islands that are surrounded on all sides by saltwater. The Asian continent is also prone to cyclones.

There have been many instances in the past when cyclones have appeared in India. In India, the southern states such as West Bengal, Orissa, and Tamil Nadu are very close to the sea, and there are many chances of cyclones in these areas. Not only in the southern states, but also in Maharashtra and Gujarat, which are both in the cyclone-prone region, there are many chances of cyclones.


In the year 1977, India was hit by a storm in Tamil Nadu, which ruined many people’s lifestyles and lives.

Natural catastrophes, like cyclones, inflict a significant deal of damage to civilization. When a cyclone strikes, it is impossible for anybody to control it, and it destroys everything in its path.

The Cyclone’s Precautions


When a cyclone is approaching, weather reporters are the first to learn about it, and they broadcast it on the news. When it is broadcast, we should listen carefully and avoid coastal regions.

When a cyclone strikes, we must flee to a safer location where we can receive immediate assistance. Countries’ governments should take responsibilities for assisting their citizens.

When a cyclone or other natural catastrophe strikes, numerous government camps are set up to assist the affected population.

Because India is so close to the coast, the Indian government should assume some responsibility for putting these camps up in the event of a storm.

When there are indications of a cyclone or when the cyclone is approaching, we should remain in our homes as much as possible, and if we must go, we should find a safer location to hide from the cyclone’s powerful winds, which may take anything in its path. When natural catastrophes strike, we must take care of ourselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cyclone short essay?

A: The cyclone is a type of tropical storm that blows from left to right in the Northern Hemisphere, carrying with it vast quantities of moist air. This leads to heavy rainfall and high winds as well as leaving large areas without power.

What is cyclone in simple words?

A: A cyclone is a type of weather system characterized by the inward spiraling movement of a large and powerful vortex. They are most often found over bodies of water, but can form in other settings such as deserts or high mountains throughout their life cycle.

What are cyclone and write few lines about cyclone?

A: Cyclone is a type of tornado that takes place when air spirals inwards faster than the speed at which it can escape.

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