Coach Mike Krzyzewski, legendary coach of the Duke Blue Devils, discusses his thoughts on an NCAA revamp. He is a former Division I and II basketball player who has won multiple national championships in coaching college athletics.

The “Mike Krzyzewski wife” is a Duke coach who has been in the NCAA for a long time. He is also the head coach of Team USA and he was asked about an NCAA revamp.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke coach, is leaving a sport that is managed by an institution he no longer recognizes.

Alternatively, not at all.

The 75-year-old coach, whose career will end when Duke finishes in the Last Four, took use of what may be his final major press conference on Friday to lay out concerns that he believes will continue to plague college basketball and the NCAA until they are resolved. The majority of his suggestions included blowing up the whole company and starting anew.

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Krzyzewski said, “This is not the moment to look at knits and bits.” “It’s time to take a closer look at everything.”

The most serious problem is the flood of “name, image, and likeness” agreements that have altered college athletics in an essentially uncontrolled manner since last summer. The contracts provide athletes with the long-awaited opportunity to earn millions, but the NCAA has yet to figure out how to govern them, leaving that up to schools, state legislatures, and, maybe, Congress in the future.

The more loosened transfer portal, inequities between men’s and women’s basketball, the increasingly complicated infractions procedure, and the future of “one and done” are among the other topics. This law permits basketball players to join the NBA after one year of college; it’s a rule that Krzyzewski has reaped the benefits of more than anyone else throughout the course of his 47-year career.

“In basketball, who does the NBA speak to for us?” According to Krzyzewski. “They have no idea. I am more familiar with [commissioner] Adam Silver than anybody else at the NCAA.”

Krzyzewski brought up the concerns in response to a question about what he would ask NCAA president Mark Emmert the day before. Coach K was caught off guard by the question at the moment and responded simply: “The first is, I believe, where are we going? And, more importantly, who will be in charge?”

He returned to the interview room after 24 hours to ponder and, without being questioned, stated that the NCAA had become too huge and cumbersome to accomplish the subtle maneuvering necessary to condense its gargantuan rulebook and settle its myriad big-ticket concerns.

He proposed dismantling the NCAA’s organizational system, which includes hundreds of committees and boards. In the end, he wants to see less centralization and more input from coaches and administrators who interact with players on a regular basis.

He argued that a football model, in which major college football is governed by the College Football Playoff, which is independent of the NCAA, may be appropriate for men’s and women’s basketball, as well as other sports.

“Do they have the authority to deal with issues that never make it to the big house?” The coach inquired as to where the NCAA headquarters are located.

The coach said, “You have to look at structure, organization, and shared leadership.”

While he is not opposed to Congress assisting in the development of some rules for college sports (it is currently working on solutions for NIL and gender disparities in college sports), he believes it should be done with the help of lobbying groups and college insiders who are familiar with the landscape.

“Otherwise, you’ve got absent legislators who have no idea what the heck is going on in their area” attempting to influence college athletics, according to Krzyzewski.

While his whole career has been in college sports, the coach said that he can only view himself as an informal consultant for any changes that may occur after he retires.

“You should always speak to the people who are touched by what’s going on today, not individuals who are retired or on a committee who don’t understand it,” he added. “How do you gain a sense of what it’s like? You have to speak out. Many of the young coaches would be excellent in this role.”

Mike Krzyzewski is a basketball coach who has been coaching Duke since 1980. He is the most winning collegiate basketball coach in history with 903 wins and 97 losses. Reference: mike krzyzewski age.

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