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For years now, I’ve had a dream. I’m sure you’ve had a dream, too; all of us have. We dream of our lives, our loves, our futures. Like everyone else, I dreamed of the day that my favorite theme park would open an alpha; the day that I would be able to spend some time there with my kids, who I love dearly, without them having to wait for me to be done work. I dreamed of being able to plan an escape with my daughter in the morning, and then enjoy that day without the worry of being called to work or school in the afternoon. I dreamed of being able to get a tan or take a swim without worrying about my kids getting

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word-image-12324 So we’re back in Dreamworld . Regular readers will already know that this game has been an adventure since it first appeared on Kickstarter. It was announced as a massive, endless, content-rich open-world MMO with millions of players in a single world. It was also made by a couple of very promising developers with a bunch of ready-made assets and alleged investments from YCombinator, and these developers were seeking more money from MMO players via Kickstarter, which they got because, you know, you can’t have everything right. Meanwhile, endless streams of journalists and YouTube influencers have pointed out that it’s probably a scam, and while it’s not really a scam, it’s so unlikely to produce the same result as a scam that we should probably treat it as such and stop giving it money. Then , the former fiancée of one of the developers posted her own video, in which she points out some falsehoods in the original campaign and ultimately concludes that the Kickstarter relied on some deception, but was not necessarily a deliberate scam. I told you it was wild. So here we are at the end of May. What did the 663 Kickstarter members buy with their $64,000 in Kickstarter funds? Alpha. Yes, these guys really managed to release a very early alpha version, and it can be played by those who supported it at the right level! Except that… This is exactly what you would expect from a bunch of amateurs trying to make the best MMORPG ever, with only a year of development under their belt. That means YouTube is overflowing with videos of YouTubers (again, diving into games like this is an entire industry on the platform) running through the alpha version of the game to demonstrate how bad it is.


. While the developers on Discord say they’ve implemented a base city, PvP, new assets and house building at this point, it’s really more of a mix of bugs and purchased assets, and apparently Minecraftis a similar design. Even the people on the official Discord called it AssetWorld. word-image-12325 word-image-12326 Schiazos, one of the YouTubers who initially promoted the developers of Dreamworld with a somewhat gullible interview, has completely flipped and has posted a series of videos over the past week concluding that the game is a scam and the worst alpha game ever. Apparently he decided to troll the game by spraying it with….. with green peppers? It’s quite an atmosphere.



. It’s worth noting that Kickstarter never promised anything other than an alpha version; you’ll notice, through the levels, that none of them promise the finished, final game or a copy of it. Alpha only and some advantages. In other words: They have succeeded, unintentionally or cleverly, in fulfilling their core promise on crowdfunding, making future lawsuits much more difficult. But why do you need a lawsuit? U did not support this case. Isn’t that so? Read more: ViewYou see, it’s not that Dreamworld didn’t make an alpha—they did. It’s that they made an alpha that was worse than you thought it’d be. Far worse. On all fronts. We’ll explain.. Read more about dreamworld kickstarter scandal and let us know what you think.

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