The community has spoken, and with the largest revamp in City of Heroes history now live on test servers, many are wondering if this is finally the game’s last hurrah. The future of CoH appears uncertain to some players after recent changes were made that seem designed for a higher paying player-base than ever before.

The “city of heroes servers 2021” is an issue that has been present for a while. The “City of Heroes Homecoming’s Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 3 hits the test server.”


In our roundup of MMORPG companies hosting Extra Life 2021 charity broadcasts this weekend, we mentioned on Wednesday that City of Heroes rogue server Homecoming would be participating in its own unique way: by releasing a beta patch that would offer its community broadcasters something fresh to tempt contributions. As of this afternoon, the patch is available for testing.

The new Dr. Aeon Strike Force, Chasing Fool’s Gold, a villain arc targeted for toons over 35, is the focus of the test patch, called Issue 27: Second Chances, Page 3.

“Dr. Aeon, the supervillain genius, has started to observe unusual unscientific activities inside Aeon City! Such a thing is unthinkable! No one is allowed to sully the splendor of his paradise! He’s decided to seek the services of local criminals to help him maintain and enforce order, thanks to his unrivaled genius! Certainly not to absolve oneself of any prospective responsibilities or obligations! Never! Even his perfect intellect, however, couldn’t foretell how this story would end. Decades of preparation have resulted in the emergence of an unanticipated danger, one that Dr. Aeon had a significant role in creating in more ways than one!”

But I’m most excited about new earth-themed powersets: Seismic Blast for Blasters, Corruptors, and Defenders, as well as Earth Manipulation, a new secondary for Blasters. Stone Melee and Stone Armor have also been improved for Tankers and spread to Scrappers, which should be fun. (The Earth abilities in City of Heroes are incredible; I can’t wait to play as an Earth/Corr.) Electric Blast, Sonic Manipulation, Bots, and Dual Blades, as well as sleep and pacify abilities, are all receiving some much-needed TLC.

Of course, there’s more, such as new advanced difficulty and challenge mode options for masochists, new IO sets, threat tweaks, new badges, new emotes, new costume pieces, 472 new supergroup base details, tasks updates, Cimerora updates, a pass on several villain groups, the mapserver timing loop, and fixes for weird geometry.

The beta server, like the normal server, is open to the public, and yes, you may copy and boost toons to try out new character concepts and features.

The Homecoming server has been negotiating with original studio NCsoft since 2019 in an attempt to secure legitimacy in the wake of the game’s sunset and code leak to the community, so this very public move to support charity, on top of the return of streams earlier in 2021, seems to indicate that the negotiations are progressing in a positive direction.

We’ll be showing some of the new video on OPTV starting on Sunday, but if you want to see it sooner for a good cause, check out the list of community artists who are taking up the challenge tonight.


The “city of heroes new power sets 2021” is a blog post that was released on the City of Heroes website. The article discusses the upcoming changes to the game’s power sets.

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