Chrono Cross is an old RPG that originally released on the SNES in 1995 and has a very devoted following. Recently, there was a Kickstarter campaign to remake Chrono Cross for modern systems with HD graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. The game is scheduled to release later this year but if you want your hands on the game early, check out my guide below!

Chrono Cross Remaster is a game that has been remastered for the PlayStation 4 and Switch. The “chrono cross skelly bones locations” are all in the game, so players can find them easily.

Chrono Cross Remaster: All Skelly Bones Locations

To enlist Skelly himself in Chrono Cross, you must gather Skelly bones, which makes him one of the game’s most difficult characters to recruit. Skelly’s bones are literally thrown everywhere.

In Chrono Cross Remaster, this guide will show you where to find all of Skelly’s bones. You’ll also learn how to put him together after you’ve gathered all of his bones, as well as how to recruit him in the end.

Locations of Skelly Bones in Chrono Cross Remaster


The voyage to gather all Skelly bones might be difficult and time-consuming, but if you follow the procedures below, you will soon have them all:

  1. Find the first portion near the dragon skull in Fossil Valley on the main island: Heavy Skull (blue marker).
  2. Return to Guldove’s port and pick up a second component from the elements merchant: Pelvic Bone (yellow marker).
  3. On the main island, find a tiny waterfall at the end of the Shadow Forest and pick up a third piece: Angry Scapula (red marker).
  4. Travel to Water Dragon Isle and ask an Explorer NPC for the fourth piece: Sturdy Ribs (orange marker).
  5. The fifth item is Mixed Bones, which may be found in a tiny cave in the northeastern area of the Isle of the Damned (green marker).
  6. Find the last Skelly bone: Good Backbone in a tiny cave towards the end of the Hydra Marshes (purple marker).

Skelly will inform you that he remembers his grandmother, who is the key to assembling and enlisting him, after you have all of his bones in your inventory.

Finally, on Another World, go to Termina and look for his grandmother’s home in the eastern area of town. Skelly will be restored if you bring the Skelly bones to her. You must exit and re-enter the residence in order to recruit him. Skelly will offer to join your squad if you speak to him again.

Black is Skelly’s natural element, and his primary weapon is his own gloves. The majority of Skelly’s abilities are circus feats that don’t strike too hard. But if you’re desperate to unlock all of the game’s characters, he’s a must-have.

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Chrono Cross is a role-playing video game released in 1995 for the PlayStation. The game was remastered and re-released by Square Enix in 2010 as Chrono Cross: Remaster. In the game, players follow Serge on his quest to find the mysterious “Elemental” powers that have been lost throughout time. Reference: chrono cross element locations.

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