The latest in fish-catching technology is this: an irresistible 1 1/2 pound hot dog that is wrapped in a fishing lure that attracts a wide variety of fish. The fish-catching “hot dog” is not cheap, retailing for $12.99. It works like this: you affix the dog to the hook and bait it with a fishing lure, and then cast it in a body of water. The lure will entice any fish to swim across the “hot dog’s” path, and the dog will then become “attacked” by a fish. Once the fish bites the dog, it is “caught” and can be pulled out of the water.

If you’ve been thinking about casting a fishing line this season, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re probably one of tens of thousands of anglers in Massachusetts who have been hoping for the best this year. Here in the Bay State, fishing season opens at 6 a.m. on Monday, April 1, and ends at midnight on Friday, May 31.

You’ve packed everything you need for a day of fishing, or so you thought. Mid-morning you discover to your horror that you have no bait. What you have on hand are hot dogs. Can we use hot dogs as support or is it better to do without? Yes, you can fish with hotdogs as bait, especially for fish like catfish, carp, northern pike and sometimes bluefish. A small piece of hot dog will go a long way, so cut small pieces instead of feeding a whole hot dog to the fish! You may think that hot dogs can’t be used as fish bait, but they can. This article explains the details of the procedure to follow. We’ll even look at some other odd baits that can work if needed, so feel free to read on. word-image-8183

Can hot dogs be used as bait to catch fish?

Many anglers take a pack or two of hot dogs for lunch after a long day of fishing. Hot dogs not only fill your belly to keep you focused, but they can also be used as bait when you find that your worms are drifting away or your bait has run out for the day. Yes, it may seem implausible, but hot dogs work as fishing lures in a variety of scenarios. In freshwater, if a piece of hot dog floats in the water, you can be sure that you are swimming to different species of fish (we will talk about them in the next section). You can also lure fish with hot dogs in saltwater harbors and bays. For deep sea fishing, the success rate is negligible, and we doubt you’ll have much luck with hot dogs when fishing in the ocean, but they are certainly applicable in other saltwater. You can even ice fish with hot dogs as bait. They are very versatile! If you’re wondering when and where hot dogs became bait, it’s hard to say. Its use as a homemade bait was born out of necessity, when savvy anglers, who had no other choice, decided to try something new. Using hot dogs was definitely better than going home early. Hotdogs are a great bait for kids who shy away from live worms, bugs and small minnows. A hot dog is just food, so it’s a lot less scary to deal with. That said, don’t use hot dogs as bait too often. It’s one thing if there’s no other bait, but since hot dogs are full of salt and byproducts, they’re not good for the fish and not good for you either!

Which species of fish are attracted to hot dogs?

If you’re hoping to catch a complex variety of fish, you should have other baits than hot dogs. You can only lure a limited number of fish with sausages, but it’s better than nothing. This is what you should expect on the other side of your hook.


Hot dog fish and cat fish are synonymous. The reason is that catfish is not very difficult to eat. As natural bottom feeders, they eat crustaceans, insect larvae, mollusks, small fish and aquatic plants. To them, a hot dog is a rare delicacy, so of course they go out with a long mustache. Some anglers prefer to sprinkle garlic powder on the hook, as catfish really like the taste. The powder can also prevent a piece of hot dog from slipping off the hook, so it has a dual function.


If you want a fish even bigger than catfish, try catching carp with a hot rod. Carp do not feed on bottom foods like catfish, but their diet is similar. This species eats plant material, algae, mussels, crustaceans, aquatic worms, insects and hot dogs.

Northern pike

Northern pike are common in the fresh and brackish waters of the Northern Hemisphere. It is a slim but heavy fish that can weigh up to 34 pounds as an adult. Of all the fish species we have discussed so far, they are perhaps the most indiscriminate when it comes to feeding. According to this page from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a pike once ate a bald eagle chick. In general, this fish feeds on waterfowl, red squirrels, shrews, voles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. If you think a pike doesn’t mind a few bites of a hot dog, you’re wrong. Thanks to the corn syrup, carbs, pork and beef in hot dogs, northern pike would love to eat one.


While anglers say they’ve had good luck using hot dogs as bait to catch bluefish, we don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Like the pike, the bluefin tuna is considered an opportunistic food eater. Of course, they are not as ambitious in their diet, but the bluefish likes to eat worms, crustaceans and insects. Although the bites won’t bite the hot dogs themselves, anglers have had success using hot dog buns to catch biting fish, especially if the buns are a little stale.

Tips for catching fish with hotdogs

You’ll have to see for yourself if you can successfully fish with hot dogs as bait. Before you begin, consider the following tips to avoid wasting product.

Use of cheap dogs

There is no need to buy high quality hot dogs if the only purpose of the product is fishing bait. Fish may have a varied diet, but their taste buds are not yet developed enough to distinguish good quality hot dogs from cheap hot dogs. Better to keep the best sausages for yourself and use the hot dogs from the store for fish.

Less is more

When fishing hot dogs, never use the entire dogfish for one fish. This also applies to larger fish species such as pike and carp. Measure up to the first joint of the thumb. One piece of hot dog of this size is the amount you should use as bait at some point. When you cut or tear the hot dog into these small pieces, each piece lasts longer and you get more value for your money!

For dogs only

We’re sure this goes without saying, but don’t put toppings on the hot dog you’re using as bait. The only exception is rubbing a little garlic powder on a hook when fishing for catfish. From condiments to relishes and pickles, it all dilutes the quality of the water in which other fish and aquatic life must live. It’s up to you to decide if your hot dogs should be beef or not. Turkey hot dogs, cheese filled hot dogs and even vegetarian hot dogs show a noticeable change in texture and firmness, which is important for hot dog baiting. The fish don’t care what kind of hot dog you use, although it’s hard to say if meat-eating fish will bite on vegan hot dogs.

Hot Dog Bobber Replacement

Crappie, carp, catfish and pike can all be caught with a landing net, but you don’t need one if you’re fishing with a rod. Remove the hot rod and install a hot dog instead. If you want your hot dog to be firmer, fishermen use two methods. The first is a double-back, where you put a hot dog on the second part of your treble. If the barb is not in the sausage, set it so that the sausage is secure. Your second method requires more foresight. Two nights before your trip, prepare a batch of Kool-Aid, the taste of which doesn’t matter. Then soak the hot dogs. The result will be hearty hot dogs. The Kool-Aid may make the hot dogs more attractive to the fish; you never know! If you are short on time, you can soak the hot dogs overnight, but they will be more solid.

No fishing in strong currents

Even if you soak the hot dogs to make them hard, they are not as durable as other baits. You don’t want your hot dogs to be washed away by a strong current. We already mentioned that sea fishing is not recommended if you only have hot dogs for bait, but all other moving currents are not a good choice either.

Use gypsum sparingly

Be careful with your technique too! Even in calm water, if you cast too hard your hot dog will come off the hook and become free food for any lucky fish that swims by. But it’s no great loss, because it’s just a piece of hot dog. When the fish are full, they don’t bite.

Other non-traditional bait options for fishing

If you already think it’s strange that anglers use hot dogs as bait, we haven’t even scratched the surface of strange bait options. Hot dogs seem rather humble in comparison!

Bar Soap

This is by far the strangest bait, as it is not edible, but the soap bar works. If you are choosing a particular brand, fishermen recommend Ivory soap. The channel catfish is greedy for anything and everything, even when it’s not supposed to eat it, so it greedily devours the soap. To prepare the ace soap, heat a knife and cut a piece of ivory soap into squares about an inch each. Make sure the pieces do not fall apart, as they cannot be used as bait.

Decayed shrimps

We can understand using fresh shrimp as bait, but spoiled shrimp? You find the smell disgusting, but the fish in a lake or stream find it delicious. If you are using lazy bait, it is best to fish alone, as your fishing buddies will not appreciate it.

Tootsie Rolls

We have already mentioned that hot dogs contain sugar, which may be one of the main reasons why many fish prefer sausage. You can always give up the beef and feed the fish candy. Almost any candy is good, but use a kind that can stay on the hook as bait, so use Tootsie Rolls.


No, we are not talking about fisheyes as in fisheye camera lenses, but literally fisheyes. The next time you catch a fish, remove the eyes and store them in a container. Add a little salt to nourish your eyes. Trout, perch and bass love fish eyes as bait. So if you can overcome the distracting factor, the eyes are worth using!

Glazed mini buckwheat

If you only have a short fishing day planned, you can use cereal as bait. The same principle applies here as for candy: Cereals are sweet, so fish love them. All flakes absorb water sooner or later, but some flakes absorb water better than others, for example B. Frosted mini-wheats.

Cat food

Meow! If your cat doesn’t hate you for it, you can always take a can of his food to catch fish. Carp, catfish and bluefish really like the taste of cat food. To get the feed in a suitable condition to use as bait, take some feed and mix it with bran until you get a wet piece of bait. Dog food can also be used for this purpose.


We’ve heard of roasting marshmallows, but using them as bait? Yes, that is an option if you want to do that. Trout and sunfish are particularly fond of marshmallows. Your hook will be very sticky when you’re done fishing for the day.

Final thoughts

The bait can be more than worms and small fish. Hot dogs attract certain types of large fish, including carp and pike. You can also use non-traditional baits such as marshmallows, cat food, Tootsie Rolls and soap if the fish aren’t biting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use hot dogs as fish bait?

How many times have you used hot dogs as bait to catch fish? If you have ever tried it, you probably had some success. Anyone who has fished knows there are a vast amount of different types of fish that can be caught using just about any type of bait. Hot dogs have become popular for their meaty taste, so it is no surprise that they have been used to catch fish and other animals. However, there is a big difference between a hot dog and a fish lure, and this is important when trying to catch anything. A quick Internet search will pull up a lot of hot dog recipes that look impressive, but few of them actually work.

Do catfish like hot dogs?

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Joey whose dog had died. He was sad and missed his dog, and one day, while walking home from school, he stopped in his favorite fast food restaurant, The Doggie Diner. The Doggie Diner is a place where Hot Dogs are cooked with Bacon and cheddar cheese, served on a roll with pickles, mustard, and a side of French fries. Catfishing is a fairly common internet prank in which someone posing as a person of interest (POI) is contacted via social media and through messaging apps to help facilitate a romantic relationship. It is usually to trick others out of money, time, or affection. While the idea of catfishing is to trick others out of their money, time, or affection, the idea of catfishing with hot dogs is a bit odd. Read on and find out what goes into catfishing with hot dogs!

How do you bait a hot dog?

I recently read a blog post that stated there is a new way to catch a fish. The post was titled, “FISHING WITH HOT DOGS: THE NEW MAGIC WEAPONS” . It told the reader that to catch their favorite fish — he or she should use a hot dog as bait, by tying the hot dog to a fishing hook, and then throwing it into the water. It claimed that this odd method would be more effective than using a single hook in the water, and that the hot dog would be taken immediately into the stomach of the fish. You might think it would be impossible to bait a hot dog. After all, its already a hot dog. But, now with the new Bait of the Month program from the Chicago Cubs, you can catch a fish with hot dogs as bait. Just visit the Cubs’ website and enter the code “DODGERS” at checkout for a special offer on the Bait of the Month.

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