Ever wonder if your house has feelings? I did. We all know that buildings have feelings, as they can experience joy, sadness, anger and fear. We’ve all seen this in movies. Buildings have feelings and it’s our job to support them.

Have you ever wondered why some buildings feel good and others feel bad? Are there buildings out there that are literally trying to kill you?

Hey! Did you know that buildings have feelings? Well, they do, and they express these feelings through sound and vibration. Namely, through acoustics. That’s right, all those creaking sounds and bangs you hear in buildings, they’re not just unintentional. In fact, they actually help to tell buildings how they’re performing. This is a fascinating concept, so let’s take a look at some examples.

Some games have titles that just seem to want to grab attention, rather than convey what the game is about or what you can expect from the game. Such a title could look like this.Buildings have feelings too!Sure, you can guess what the title implies, but in reality you’ll have to go out and investigate to find out. The question is whether the gameBuildings also has feelings! Hold their attention for hours? Will his eccentric charm inspire you to explore all that the game has to offer? Well, sort of. Let me explain. Increase

  • What is ? Buildings have feelings too!? It is a city management and puzzle game in which buildings walk, talk to each other and, as the name suggests, have feelings. Help your city and its buildings move from the Victorian era to the modern, adapting to the pace of change and decay. Create a synergy to maximize the appeal of your neighborhood and pave the way for improvements and bigger and better things.
  • Tested on : PC
  • Price:$19.99
  • Developer: Blackstaff Games
  • Publisher: Merge Games, Maple Whispering Limited
  • Release date: 22. April 2021
  • Website: https://www.mergegames.com/buildings-have-feelings-too

Here Comes the Movie / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18192 word-image-18193

Buildings have

Buildings have feelings too! is a bit of a strange game, mechanically speaking. Once you understand the basics, it takes on an appealing dynamic. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place one after the other, and it makes you want to build the next structure or grow the next business. Unfortunately, in terms of the appeal of the game, these wins are usually followed by confusion and disappointment. Game Start Sequence / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18194 word-image-18195 The game’s most glaring flaws are in its interface, learning, and controls. In fact, there are fundamental problems in the interaction between the game and the player. The problem is that the developers convey a lot of information in an awkward way, and even the main objectives are sometimes hard to distinguish. Not enough attention is paid to clearly conveying the ideas of the game. Some concepts are simple and straightforward, but in others the game struggles to convey its mechanics. Navigating the interface is a bit tedious / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18196 word-image-18197 In this regard, it is important to note the difference between withholding enough information for the player to solve an interesting problem and not explaining the basic mechanics of the puzzles. The first option may be disappointing at first, but in the end it validates all the effort that went into the process. The latter solution usually leads to embarrassing trial and error and dangerous wanderings in the dark. This dynamic is far less satisfying than a binding problem, and is unfortunately the more common of the two. Crazy Jerk / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18198 word-image-18199 The controls are always tricky too. The contextual commands are quite tricky, and it’s very easy to miss where you need to be to activate a dialog or choose a place to build. It’s better on a mouse and keyboard than on a gamepad, but the point is that it’s a failed game. Too much attention is diverted from the actual gameplay and focused on making these buildings do what you ask them to do. Feelings are cursed. Building Screen / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18200 word-image-18201

also felt!

When it comes to soundscapes and the softer side of game design,Buildings Have Feelings Too!digested quickly. The graphics are cute and the color scheme is appealing. The design of the characters/buildings has personality and charm, and the setting creates a pleasant atmosphere. The music is also very catchy. The problem is that after an hour of playing, the friendliness and charm fade into the background and the music loses much of its appeal. Then monotony sets in. As for the illustrations, they’re generally good, except for the forgotten miniature models, but you get used to them quickly and the game doesn’t detract from them much. Cafe Inspection / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18202 word-image-18203 As for the scenario, it’s a bit ambiguous. The humorous tone of the game fits the atmosphere well, and the dialogue between the buildings is enough to elicit at least the occasional smile. However, the game is not veryfun, and the writing itself does not offer much entertainment value compared to the time spent on dialogue. Aula Market says/image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18204 word-image-18205 Let’s go back to the interface for a moment. As opposed to having a negative impact on the game mechanics, the best aspect of the interface is the way it works together with the audio-visual elements to accomplish the task. The signs that the building is ready for renovation, combined with the golden color scheme and sound effects, provide enough fanfare to release dopamine in your brain. This bit of dopamine isn’t enough to compensate for the interface’s profound weaknesses, but it keeps the game from becoming a solid wasteland. Gotta Love This Screen Update / Image: Merge games via HGG word-image-18206 word-image-18207

  • Audiovisual media – 6/10
  • Puzzle Design – 6/10
  • Management and interface – 5/10
  • Humor and writing – 5/10

Summary Buildings have feelings too! is a game that will hunt you down a bit. The title alone is enough to make you wonder what it’s about, and when you start the game, the music and artwork provide a good charm and atmosphere. Then you have to deal with tutorials and management, unclear mission objectives and a clunky interface. Then you keep fighting and digging for the puzzle – and there’s something at stake after all! Smart design solutions and upgrades begin to mirror each other and create momentum to solve the puzzle, and at this point, satisfaction can be great. Then the controls get boring again, the music repetitive, the objectives vague and little by little you wonder why you’re still playing. Professional

  • Some of the puzzles work, there’s a good pace to them.
  • Increased dopamine excitation
  • Nice aesthetics


  • Clumsy operation and interface
  • Disappointing tests and errors
  • The repetition comes pretty quickly

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