The two quarterbacks have a lot of history when it comes to their heated rivalry on the field, and as we saw with the Instagram video that Bruce Arians posted of his golf game, they can’t seem to keep their fights off of the green.

The Arizona Cardinals will face the Green Bay Packers in a preseason matchup on Sunday. As is the custom in these games, the football world will take an interest and hope that Arizona starts the game with a long drive to go ahead and make the weather look nice for the rest of the evening.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians knows his quarterback Tom Brady is the king of football. In golf, however, Arians seems to have realized things are a bit different, especially after Brady and Phil Mickelson lost to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in matches last year. With Brady looking to avenge his loss in this tournament by teaming up with Mickelson to take on Aaron Rodgers and Bryson Deschambault again next month, Arians has a joke for his quarterback.

Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson play golf against Aaron Rodgers and Bryson Deschambault

. As mentioned above, Brady and Mickelson faced each other in last year’s match, where they lost to Manning and Woods. However, they will now face off against a pair slightly younger than themselves, as the duo will compete on June 6 during the upcoming edition of The Match in Big Sky, Montana. July to meet Deschambault and Rogers. According to CBS Sports, the golf and football stars will operate the microphones and compete in a modified match play with alternate shots. What might be interesting this time is that the runway is 7,500 feet high. When the deal became official, Brady quickly lashed out at Rodgers and even blamed him and the Packers for the loss against the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game. TB12 tweeted, [Bryson Deschambault] better get used to lying down because we know [Aaron Rodgers] isn’t going to risk it. The seven-time Super Bowl champion also posted a meme on Twitter mocking Deschambault, but the golfer responded harshly. Tom Brady], if [Aaron Rodgers] and I beat you and [Phil Mickelson], you’ll feel as deflated as those balloons in the AFC Championship Game, Deschambault tweeted . Now Coach Brady has joined the party.

Bruce Arians traded his quarterback’sgolf game

word-image-909 word-image-910 Head coach Bruce Arians, left to right, and Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the game against the Las Vegas Raiders on the 25th. October 2020. | Jamie Squire/Getty Images Arians recently appeared on Rich Eisen’s The Rich Eisen Show, where he discussed the Buckeyes’ offseason so far. When talking about Tom Brady visiting him every week, he gave a little nod to his quarterback’s golf game. (Brady asks) how he feels; most importantly, how is his knee, Arians said during the 2nd inning episode. June. He’s not playing golf right now, so it’s not about his golf game. Eisen then asked Arians about Brady’s upcoming game against Rodgers and Deschambault, and he seemed concerned about his quarterback’s chances. I know he hasn’t clicked yet, the coach said. Before he does, he has to hit a lot of golf balls. If he hasn’t changed his mind yet, maybe Brady should stop saying nasty things. Arians, on the other hand, seems to agree.

Bruce Arians seems to approve of Tom Brady’s mudslinging

. When Arians was asked before the game what he thought of the beating Brady took, he said it was good. On the other hand, the QB did not elaborate on his joke about the NFC Championship Game. I can’t comment on that, Arians said with a laugh. … It was good. Yeah, I liked it. Arians isn’t happy with the way Brady is playing golf, but he’s happy with the state he’s in for the team’s mandatory minicamp of 7-9. June. He feels great, Arians said of Brady’s knee, which he had surgery on earlier this season. … I don’t think I’d let anyone take it out on him. He’ll probably play seven-on-seven and a few other things, just to see how he feels. We’ll see how Brady does when he and Mickelson face off on the 6th. of July to meet Rodgers and Deschambault. The event will be broadcast on TNT. COMPARED TO: Tom Brady has been told how long the Buccaneers want him to play in Tampa

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