There are three different types of weapons in the game that can be used in a mace, sword or blunt weapon. Broadsword, warhammer, and fire axe are best suited for a mace due to their longer reach and a bigger impact that can be caused on an enemy. Because of these advantages, fire axe is the best mace for fighting dragons.

As we all know, heavy armor is heavy and it can be difficult to move around in. However, it is not just you that do not like this, the entire Skyrim community is anticipating Dragonborn, and they wish it to be released soon. For this reason, there are many people who are looking for different ways of fast travel besides the traditional method of running.

In Skyrim, maces are pretty much useless, unless you’re a mage, or a very good archer. So, here are the best maces in Skyrim that can help you in your quest to become an adept bowman!

Knives are another class of weapons in Skyrim that are wielded with one hand. Although the sledgehammer is slow, it does a lot of damage.

If you prefer long-range weapons, check out the best arcs in Skyrim here.

Otherwise, here are some of the best misses in Skyrim (top 10), and they’re ranked by the damage they do.

1. Dwarf mass

At the bottom of this list is the gnome club, which is brass in color. His base damage is 12 and his weight is 16. In fact, there are many ways to get these weapons.

How to get it:

Unenchanted versions of the mace are available throughout Skyrim when you reach level 12, while enchanted versions appear at level 13. You can get them from blacksmiths, common merchants, enemy loot or even chests.

This mass is also in the museum of Calselmo.

Another option is to make items with the Blacksmith skill at level 30 and the Dwarf Blacksmith perk.

2. Elven mace

Next on the list is the elven mace, which is usually copper-colored, with some gold, white, and mother of pearl in small portions.

His base damage is higher than the dwarf club’s: 13 points of damage and a weight of 17.

How do you find..:

There are several ways to get it. Non-enchanted versions can be found at level 17, enchanted versions at level 20.

It can be obtained from blacksmiths, common merchants, enemies or as random loot. Enemies, such as the Thalmor Justiciars, usually carry this mace.

You can also find it in stagnant areas like the Stone Tower, where Ondolemar carries it, or near the Inquirer of Talmor, or even in the Labyrinth of Shalidor.

Crafting also applies if you have the skill Blacksmith at level 30 and the skill Elf Blacksmith.

3. Prelude Mass

The Prelate’s Mace, an Elven Mace, is next on the list of best maces in Skyrim. Unfortunately, it cannot be obtained in the normal game, but only through the console controls.

His base damage is 13 and his weight is 7. However, you may not be able to use it. I thought it deserved to be mentioned here.

4. Northern paw

The fourth on the list is the Nordic Mace, which also appears in Skyrim at levels 25 and 26 (for the uncharmed and enchanted, respectively).

His base damage is 13 and his weight is 16. It is probably equivalent to the elven mace, but much lighter.

How to get it:

You can get this mace at any level by going from Windhelm to Solstheim and finding Thirsk Mid Hall. Just complete the search for the leader of Thirsk Hall.

Another way to forge them is to use the advanced armor perk in the forge.

5. Glass ampoule

Another strong club is the glass club, which looks like brass and has a green color. It looks much better than the previous masses.

His base damage is higher at 14 and his weight is 18.

How do you find..:

Non-enchanted versions of this mace appear at level 27, enchanted versions at level 28. It can be obtained from common merchants, smiths, enemies and as random loot.

There’s also a permanent place where you can get it, it’s in the Northwatch dungeon, on the weapons rack (in the room with Thorald Gray-Maine).

You can also have it forged by a blacksmith with a level 70 blacksmith skill and the perk Blacksmith’s Glass.

6. Stalgrim Mass

Stalgrim’s mace is another one-handed weapon that appears in this list, and it’s quite different from the others. This one has a head that looks like a stone.

His base damage is also higher, at 16 points, and his weight is 18.

How to get it:

Stalgrim’s knots are sold in places like Skaal Village (near Baldor) and Ravenrock (near Glover) and can be found as random loot.

Otherwise, you can have it forged by a blacksmith with a blacksmithing level of 80 and the ebony perk. To do so, you must complete the quest for the New Stalgrim Fountain.

7. Mace Molag Bala

Finally, we see the crowd, which is really related to the quest. Molag Bala’s mass is connected to the House of Dread quest and begins when your character enters an abandoned house in Markarth.

His base damage is 16 and his weight is 18, which is pretty good. This mace also has an enchantment that inflicts stamina and magic damage. He can also throw a soul trap.

This is a good way to fill your soul stones, as it comes with the soul trap skill. This mass is also preferable for the early stages of the game, as the properties remain unchanged even if your character has a low level.

8. Daedric Mass

The daedric knots is without a doubt one of the best knots in Skyrim, with a base damage of 16 and a weight of 20. Considered one of the strongest when upgraded (most weapons can be upgraded).

You will likely encounter this mace towards the end of the game, as it requires a high level of forging.

How to get it:

Non-enchanted versions appear at level 46, enchanted versions appear at level 47.

You can find it at traders of utilitarian goods, blacksmiths, as random loot, from monsters such as revered or legendary dragons, or even from the trader of Dremor.

It can be forged with a blacksmith skill level of 90, and you also need the Daelic Blacksmith perk.

You can also make it in Atronach’s forge, but you’ll need a signet stone for that (for which you need a level 90 wizard skill).

9. Ebony mass

Next on the list is an ebony mace similar to the one Sauron used. It is available in black and silver.

It has a fairly high damage value of 16 and a weight value of 19. Like the daedric mace, it is also a late game weapon, but this ebony mace is slightly lighter.

Where to find :

You can get it at level 36 and 37 for the non-enchanted and enchanted version respectively.

It is sold in shops for consumer goods or forged by blacksmiths. You can also find enemies like Draugr Deathlord and other Overlords holding them. It’s also an occasional loot in the vaults.

To make this weapon, you must have the Blacksmith skill at level 80 and the Ebony Blacksmith perk.

10. Dragon bone mass

Not surprisingly, the dragon bone mace is the most powerful mace in Skyrim. His base damage is 17 units and his weight is 22 units. This mass really packs a powerful punch.

How to get it:

You can get it from one of the guards of the Cairn of Souls who has this mace. However, you will have to fight a guard higher than level 45, and he may fall to loot.

The other option is to have them forged by a blacksmith, but for that you need a blacksmith skill of up to level 100 and the dragon armor perks.

What are the best masses in Skyrim?

I would choose the dragon bone mace because it has the highest base damage despite its slowness, or maybe the ebony mace because it is much lighter but weaker.

Damage per second (DPS) balances speed and base damage.

How does this look to you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful weapon in Skyrim?

The Dragonborn’s power is the most powerful weapon in Skyrim.

Is the mace of Molag Bal good?

It is a powerful weapon, but it is not a good weapon.

Where can I find good weapons in Skyrim?

There are a lot of weapons available in Skyrim, but some of the best weapons are the ones you can find in the game’s dungeons. Where can I find good armor in Skyrim? There are a lot of armor sets available in Skyrim, but some of the best armor sets are the ones you can find in the game’s dungeons.

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