In this guide, we’ll take a close look at some of the best Halo Infinite controller settings. We’ll also talk about how to make sure your controller is functioning properly and how you can fine-tune it further in order to achieve maximum performance.
Here are the most important things that you should know before starting: 1) Make certain that your Xbox One Elite Controller has been updated with Firmware Version 2.0 or higher; 2) The sensitivity levels on an Xbox One Elite Controller cannot be changed without using external software (although they can be manually adjusted via other methods); 3) A hardware change may require recalibrating after a firmware update

The “best halo infinite controller settings xbox” is a guide that includes XBOX One and PC controller sensitivity settings, as well as some other helpful information.

Best Halo Infinite Controller Settings [Sensitivity Settings & More]

The multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite has just been launched, and fans are ecstatic. Sure, the campaign mode has yet to be published, but when it comes to Halo, who doesn’t enjoy anything? Even first-time Halo gamers would want to explore how the multiplayer game fits them, especially since it is free to play.

While all of this is excellent, it is critical to understand which settings are ideal for the game while using a controller. So keep reading to find out what the optimum controller settings for Halo Infinite are.


Because Halo Infinite is a competitive game, having the optimum controller settings is essential. Why? You wouldn’t want to have a sensitivity that is too high or too low, and the game’s default settings for the controller could not quite line up if you are coming from games where you customized the optimal settings. Here’s all you need to know about getting the optimal Halo Infinite Multiplayer controller settings.

The Best Halo Infinite Controller Configurations

Follow these instructions to enter the Halo Infinite Controller Settings page before fine-tuning your controller settings.

  • Select Settings from the list by pressing the Menu button on your Xbox Controller.
  • Select the Settings option from the menu. You’ll be redirected to the Control Panel tab.
  • You may alter all of the controller’s settings, remap the controls, and even adjust sensitivity and dead zones from here.
  • You may also use the sliders to change how your character and its components are controlled.

Adjust the controller’s settings

Here are a couple options that a Reddit member has posted that you might test to see if they work best for you.

  • Acceleration of the look: 5
  • Sensitivity to Horizontal Looks: 1.5
  • Sensitivity to vertical look: 3
  • Deadzone in the Center (Move): 0
  • (Move) Maximum Input Threshold: 0
  • (Move) Axial Deadzone: 0
  • Threshold for Maximum Input (Look): 0
  • Deadzone in the center (look): 0
  • (Look) Axial Deadzone: 0

If the aforementioned settings made it seem sluggish, the user advised testing another set of settings.

  • Acceleration of the look: 3
  • Sensitivity to Horizontal Looks: 2.5
  • Sensitivity to Vertical Looks: 5

Simply said, if you want to play on low sensitivity, the values of these settings will grow, while if you want to play on high sensitivity, the numbers will decrease. You may change these parameters based on how you want the controller to operate. Furthermore, these options will be identical in the campaign mode, which will be published later this year.

While these controller settings may not fit everyone, it doesn’t harm to experiment with them and see how they function. Finally, the hardware you have has a significant impact on how quick or sluggish you want your controls to be.

Even with these options in place, don’t expect everything to perform well straight immediately. The multiplayer game is now under beta testing and will not be launched as a full-fledged game until later this year. While the multiplayer aspect is fantastic, hardcore Halo aficionados are eagerly anticipating the campaign mode. The main game is scheduled to be published on December 8th. You may, however, pre-order the game for $59.99 on Xbox One and PC through the Microsoft Store or Steam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Halo Infinite better on controller?

A: This is a difficult question to answer and I am not certain if the release date of Halo Infinite has been announced yet.

How do I improve my aim in Halo?

A: Halo is a game with many different ways to improve your aim. Here are some of the most common methods that players use in order to increase their accuracy and speed, but there are a number of other techniques as well.

How do I know what sensitivity My controller is?

A: The sensitivity of your controller is found in the games settings menu. If you are having trouble finding this, look for a gear icon near the top left corner labeled settings. There will be an option to change it there.

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