The MLB trade deadline is the most exciting time of the year in baseball. Teams are in various stages of the season, and they know how far they are from a championship. Some are out of the running, and some are within striking distance. As a result, teams are often active as the deadline nears. This year’s deadline saw a flurry of activity, with several blockbuster trades going down in the final hours—including a move that saw the New York Yankees acquire all-star closer Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds.

Taking into account his numbers over the last few weeks (or months, if you prefer), Kuo decided that the best option for the Dodgers was to pick up an unlikely player from the Rockies in exchange for much-needed pitching help. (For more on what role Kuo played in the Dodgers’ current success, check out this interview with Dodger GM Hart.) As a result, the Dodgers were able to scoop up the slugger they needed in the form of the Rockies’ Josh Shepardson.

The MLB trade deadline is July 31, and teams are making the hard decisions about whether to buy or sell—and deciding which players to get rid of. If you’re a big fan of the trade deadline, you may have noticed that some big trades happened very late in the game. (One of the most famous: The New York Mets’ deal for World Series hero and lifetime Yankee Billy Martin in 1979.) In fact, as the deadline approaches, the market for players usually heats up, and there is some strategy to the timing.

word-image-10418 Anyone who is a baseball fan and is on Twitter probably spent most of the past 24 hours hitting the update button on Ken Rosenthal’s (@Ken_Rosenthal) and Jon Heyman’s (@JonHeyman) feeds to learn about the latest trades and moves as the opt-out deadline was reached. Twitter exploded not only with news of the trades, but also with reactions from players, fans and everyone else. The teams looking at the postseason are full, while the teams looking at the future are full. But who made the best moves until the end? Los Angeles Dodgers The Dodgers have had two busy weeks, with more power and talent to return to the World Series and win this time around. Although acquiring Manny Machado from the Orioles a few weeks ago was their biggest asset (.286 BA, 14 hits, 5 runs, 5 RBI in 12 games), the Dodgers were incredibly active at the deadline, trading second baseman Brian Dozier, among others (they traded Logan Forsythe and two minor leaguers). Dozier was even able to travel to Los Angeles to watch the ninth inning from his new bench. He didn’t play, but he would start at second base on Wednesday. Video: tells @BrianDozier in the Dugout to his new manager Dave Roberts: I’m ready if you need me – Dodgers-LowDown (@DodgersLowDown) August 1, 2018. Although his season has been slow compared to his career averages (he’s hitting .224 against a .248 career average and .271 in 2017), Dozier has recorded 16 home runs, nine hits, 52 RBI and 65 runs scored this season. The Dodgers hope the new uniform and change of scenery will help Dozier resume his old performance. Los Angeles is currently tied with the Colorado Rockies for second place in the NL West; both teams are 0.5 games behind the division-leader Arizona Diamondbacks. Pittsburgh Pirates Chris Archer was going somewhere, the only question was where. Half a dozen teams have expressed interest in the Tampa Bay ace. With the acquisition of Archer, Pittsburgh Pirates management made it clear to both the club and the league: We believe in this team and we are aiming for the post-season. Black and yellow, black and yellow !!!! @pirates – Chris Archer (@ChrisArcher22) July 31, 2018. It’s not gonna be easy for the Pirates. They are currently six games behind the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central. Pittsburgh’s starting rotation ranks 17th in terms of ERA, according to Statcast, with an overall ERA of 4.18. The addition of Archer, who struck out 102 batters in 96 innings this season, could be the key pitcher the team needs to continue its recent dominance (it won eight of 11 games after the All-Star break) and perhaps reach the postseason. Philadelphia Phillies The Philadelphia Phillies remain in first place in the NL East, but the Atlanta Braves are right on their heels (0.5 games behind) after the Phillies lost four of their last five games. As time went on, Philadelphia traded Tampa Bay receiver Wilson Ramos. Ramos has been on the disabled list since July 14 with a hamstring injury and had to miss the All-Star Game (the second time the 31-year-old has been named an All-Star). If he returns, and depending on how he returns, Ramos could be a big offensive upgrade for this Phillies team. While current catcher Jorge Alfaro is excellent defensively, his offense is no match for Ramos. Alfaro is hitting .255/.308/.402 with 66 hits, 29 runs scored, 24 RBI and seven home runs. Before the injury, Ramos hit .297/.349/.488 with 87 hits, 53 RBI, 30 runs scored and 14 home runs in 78 games. The Phillies had to find a way to improve without making too many changes to their core. Is Wilson the answer? Arizona Diamondbacks The Diamondbacks are in an incredibly tight race for first place in the NL West, 0.5 games ahead of the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers. Several trades were made before the deadline, including the acquisition of pitcher Brad Ziegler from the Miami Marlins, the third pitcher to be traded before the deadline. Ziegler, who hasn’t had the best start to the season, had an earned run average of 0.68 in 13.1 innings in July. The Diamondbacks have the second-best bullpen in the league, according to Statcast, but they had a tough July. They could use someone like Ziggler to perk them up and get them back on track. He is also familiar with the club, having played at Arizona from 2011 to 2016.On Monday, the MLB trade deadline, teams made some big moves. The Giants acquired Justin Wilson and Alex Avila and the Cubs traded for Aroldis Chapman and Todd Fraizer. The Giants made a move to bolster their bullpen. They acquired left-handed reliever Justin Wilson from the Detroit Tigers and catcher Alex Avila from the Chicago Cubs.. Read more about mlb trade rumors and let us know what you think.

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