Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a major update and paid DLC that will add cooking and island design to the game. The updates are free for all players, but the paid DLC will allow players to skip ahead in time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has added cooking and island design in the major update. The game also includes paid DLC, which will allow players to visit new areas of the map.


You’re not alone if you believed Animal Crossing: New Horizons was essentially gone recently: Even for those of us who had stayed with the game long after the original excitement had gone, the final six months of updates were a sad period. When Nintendo casually referenced and hinted the return of a particular popular character, there was a glimmer of optimism, but it seemed more like a return to series normality than anything fresh and unusual.

Today’s Animal Crossing Direct, on the other hand, went well beyond our continuous interrogation of Brewster and Gyroids. On November 5th, a new update will be released, as well as the paid DLC Happy Home Paradise. Within a main series game, it’s basically an upgraded version of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. And what about the free update? New Leaf lovers should have fewer complaints, since this update not only restores but also improves almost all of their favorite features.

The update seems to be a “who’s who” of missing release characters, with Brewster clearly being the one that many players had been missing from their island life. The coffee-serving owl will have his own café in the museum, where players (and friends) may relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Players may also utilize the cafe’s phone to summon amiibo characters, some of which may bring more islanders with them. However, there is no indication on whether the part-time barista position would be reinstated. If gamers want to pay $5.99 for a random selection of villagers, Nintendo is releasing additional amiibo cards on November 5th.

Kapp’n the Kappa has returned to your port, ferrying gamers to new islands. He’ll take you to new islands where the weather, seasons, and times of day are all different. The islands also have some new features, such as illuminating flowers and climbable vines, which the demo character brought with them. Yes, they are welcome to visit our island. The vines are interesting, but they’re not completely unique, since we’ll also be able to make permanent cliffside ladders using a new DIY method from the Nookling brothers.

The island of Harv the photographic dog is undergoing a major makeover. Other NPCs, such as Kicks the shoe seller and Harriet the hairdresser (who can teach you new looks), will be able to open up shop if players pay for construction. From the looks of it, even Redd, the (fake) art salesfox, may have a store, and Katrina, the fortune teller, is bringing back daily fortunes.

Cyrus and Reese have returned as well, enabling you to personalize certain furnishings that you couldn’t before (like the Lighthouse that previously forced players to trade in order to get the variant they wanted). Even KK Slider is getting a makeover, which includes a few new tunes, but he’ll remain on your main island. Don’t panic, KK fans: the classic music box option is making a comeback!

The game also includes a minigame of daily stretches that can be done with motion controls for those of us wanting to lose some COVID weight (or just the regular controller buttons if you want). It’s also good timing, since people will want to spend more time with you, even coming over unexpectedly.

Ordinances have returned, enabling you to alter your island’s general operations. For example, changing the hours NPCs are active to “Early Bird” or “Night Owl” would better suit your own schedule. There were other options for “Bell Boom” and “Beautiful Island,” so there might be some catch-up mechanics.

Storage extension is up to 5,000 things for my fellow hoarders, and you’re going to want it. Nook Miles will be redeemed for additional things, such as new fences (some of which may be personalized), and the series will include cookery. It’s basically the DIY crafting system, but it adds additional agricultural choices (such as sugar cane and potatoes), as well as new decorative options. You may also consume them like other meals, but a full pizza is obviously more satisfying than just an apple.

Don’t worry if this seems to be a lot. Island Life 101′′, a new app, should help you ease back into things. And what about all the new furnishings? There will be a new shed that will link to your own storage. Set it up anywhere you want to be able to empty your pockets whenever you want. Is it more of a problem with the bells? Set up an ABD (AC’s ATMs) so you don’t have to return to your town hall every time you need to make a deposit.

Players will be able to get a “Pro Decorating License” that will allow them to access ceiling decorations (such as lights) and accent walls. It should work well with the new Pro Camera App, which allows the user to take photos from a first-person perspective, adding a lot more realism to the series. Players may now use the new camera mode to set up a tripod, allowing them to take more personal pictures.

Gyroids are back, and they’re back with a fury, as previously said. Players will now stumble across a gyroid fragment that must be planted and watered in order to grow into a complete gyroid the following day. Yes, rain will result in additional gyroids the following day, as it has in every prior main-game entry from the beginning. Nintendo has not only created new gyroids, but they can also be customized.


And that’s just the free stuff. As previously stated, the DLC is basically a remake of Happy Home Designer, a prior AC title that was only focused on decoration. Players will be tasked for populating a new archipelago of vacationing characters. Players will be given an infinite supply of decorating materials to fulfill the demands of their clients, who may be major NPCs (such as Isabel) or island inhabitants. Amiibo may also be utilized to assist determine who resides on the island.

You may even put several villagers together as housemates! Prepare to pair up your dreamies, shippers! Or, uh, acquire some new ones, because Shino the white deer, a new villager, was seen. Players not only create island inhabitants, but also the main work island, which the islanders may use. Yes, Ribbot may work at the restaurant while Diva teaches, and they can return home to be with each other at night. Hardcore headcanons may now be acted out in a more formal manner.

While HHD allowed for yard design, players now have the option to create their own island, complete with season, weather, and time of day. New choices will be available to gamers on the inside. You can build walls and pillars, change the color of the lighting, add a background music, and even polish furniture to achieve certain effects. What’s even better? You may utilize all of these features in your own house on your own own island! Animal Crossing, as always, shines a fresh light on the everyday realities of life, including employment.

Don’t worry, since unlike other companies, your completely virtual employment is both relevant to the series and pays well. Additional designing unlocks more furnishings to utilize, and hard effort pays you in Poki, a currency used to purchase uncommon things you can take back home, such as souvenirs, which seem to be crucial in convincing the islanders to desire holiday houses. In fact, after a certain number of remodels, you’ll be able to refurbishment the primary houses of your islanders! You may share your created islands online and follow your favorite designers, much as in HHD.

Fortunately, the DLC costs $25, which is much less than HHD’s 3DS release, and the game is closely linked to a main series game. Even if we didn’t receive Desert Island Escape, the all-time greatest Animal Crossing mini-game, or the classic NES games, the quantity of material is still mind-boggling. We’re far beyond the point when Brewster and the gyroids could reintroduce people to the game, but for all of this? There’s a reason Animal Crossing is making a comeback on social media.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is a major update and paid DLC for the popular Nintendo Switch game. The new update includes cooking and island design, but lacks content. Reference: animal crossing: new horizons lack of content.

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