If the esports scene is any indication, League of Legends has a large variety of character skins. In this article we will go over every single one in ranked order from worst to best

There are a total of 447 “ultimate skins” in League of Legends. The idea behind the skin is to make your champion look unique and special. This is why there are so many different types of ultimate skins for each champion. The ranking will be from worst to best, with all the ultimate skins included in the list.

In League of Legends, ultimate skins are the “ultimate” method to demonstrate how much you like a Champion. These skins are supposed to offer significantly more detail than the Epic skins, as well as unique movements and aesthetics not seen elsewhere.

Each Ultimate skin costs 3250 RP, or about $35 USD, with the exception of one (you have to buy a full 5000 RP bundle, not just the amount you need). Because the price is so much greater than the other skins, we hold them to far higher standards. In this article, we’ll rate each League of Legends Ultimate skin from worst to greatest, deciding if they’re worth the money.

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The Worst to Best Ultimate Skins

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Seraphine Seraphine Seraphine Seraphine Seraphine Seraphine Ser

all-out-seraphine-1-1-1024x512 Screenshot of the K/DA All Out Seraphine Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

The film will be released on October 29, 2020, and will cost $3,250 RP.

K/DA Seraphine is a skin with flaws. It’s remarkable that Riot managed to drop the ball so heavily with it, given that it’s the newest Ultimate skin. The issue here is divided into two categories: broad idea and implementation.

This skin’s idea is just not innovative enough to justify the price. It basically takes Seraphine’s current look and makes it more dazzling, but it doesn’t contribute anything new. It’s a sluggish skin that might have sufficed at a lesser price but would have been nothing spectacular even then.

This sloppy idea’s implementation is much worse. Riot clearly intended to do something similar to Lux Elementalist with many skins in one bundle, but they didn’t completely commit to the concept. This is essentially simply a ploy to sell you three distinct skins for a single huge sum rather than allowing you to purchase each one separately. This isn’t even an Ultimate skin in my opinion.


Udyr, the Spirit Guardian

sg-udyr-1-1024x512 Screenshot of the Spirit Guardian Udyr Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

Date of Release: July 13, 2013 | Retail Price: 3,250 RP

Guardian of the Spirits Udyr isn’t a horrible skin, but it’s undeserving of its ultimate position since it’s simply an update to the original character model. Don’t get me wrong: it’s an excellent improvement to Udyr’s basic skin, but that’s about it. This skin is just an alternative version of Udyr’s current appearance, and it should easily be half the price it is.

This skin would be an excellent buy if it costed 1350 RP (or less). I would only suggest it to die-hard Udyr fans as is.


Ezreal Pulsefire

pulsefire-ez-1-2-1024x512 Screenshot of the Pulsefire Ezreal Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

Released on June 29, 2012, and updated in 2018 | 3,250 RP

Is this Ezreal’s most attractive skin? No. If you’re an Ezreal player, though, it’ll suffice. The advantages are straightforward: it looks awesome. The revised 2018 version is substantially better than the original. It doesn’t have as many flashy changes as current Ultimate skins, but it is significantly better than the original. However, there is a certain allure about it. It was Riot’s first-ever Ultimate skin, and the concept behind it was groundbreaking at the time (and still stands up today!).

However, time has not been kind to this skin. One of Riot’s current concerns is that they don’t know how to balance the quality of their old and new skins. Pulsefire Ezreal is an example of this. This could be easily remedied if they just admitted that the earlier skins aren’t as nice as the newer ones and reduced the price, but they won’t. As a consequence, Pulsefire Ezreal should be priced similarly to existing Epic skins, although that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. It’s a fun skin, but 3250 RP is excessive.


Miss Fortune, the Gun Goddess

ggmf-2-1-1024x512 Screenshot of the Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

Date of Release: March 22, 2018 | Retail Price: 2,775 RP

Gun Goddess MF receives much more criticism than it merits. It has clear limitations, but the pros definitely exceed them. It also costs substantially less than the other Ultimate skins, which is a huge plus. Many people argue that the skin isn’t unique enough to be considered an Ultimate skin, but when has that ever stopped Riot before? It might require a little more work to be worth the money, but considering it’s the cheapest Ultimate skin, we can’t complain too much.

The nicest part of Gun Goddess MF is that you can switch modes at any time while you’re at your fountain, and each mode has its own distinct feel that makes switching modes worthwhile. This, along with the incredibly amazing movements this skin has to provide, makes it one of the most distinctive MF skins out now, and it’s well worth a buy if you play her.


DJ Sona

dj-sona-1-1024x512 Screenshot of the DJ Sona Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

The release date is February 25, 2015, and the price is $3,250 RP.

DJ Sona is one of just two Ultimate skins that I consider to be well worth the investment. The major draw of this skin is that it transforms Sona into three distinct DJs. Each type has a distinct look and plays music in a different way. It also has the unique capability of letting your colleagues to listen to the music if they so want.

The first time Riot truly nailed an Ultimate skin to the point where it seemed much better to anything else was with DJ Sona. DJ Sona noted a huge increase in value for the cost of Champion skins throughout League’s history.


Elementalist Lux

e-lux-1-1024x512 Screenshot of the Elementalist Lux Skin Riot Games courtesy of HGG / Brett Moss

Date of Release: November 28, 2016 | Retail Price: 3,250 RP

Elementalist Lux is the finest overall skin in League, as well as the best Ultimate skin. This skin took so much time and work to create that it almost seems wrong not to pay extra for it. The capacity to modify her whole visual appearance depending on various elements, as well as combine them to create a hybrid element, is Elementalist Lux’s major draw.

Since the skin’s ability to change forms in the middle of a game while anywhere on the map has created server troubles, there’s a fair possibility Riot won’t be releasing many more like it in the future. This one is even more exceptional since it’s such a cool skin that it’s threatening to wreck servers. Elementalist Lux is without a doubt the most stunning skin in League of Legends, and it is well worth the money. Even if you don’t play Lux, you should still acquire it.

Is it Beneficial to Have Ultimate Skins?

There’s been a lot of discussion over the years about whether Riot should make $35 skins, and after compiling this list, I’d argue that when done well, they’re a good thing. Elementalist Lux and DJ Sona are excellent examples of Ultimate skins that are well worth your money, but Riot must work hard to maintain that standard. Riot has to work harder to make skins like Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guardian Udyr, and Gun Goddess MF useful.

There’s also the Seraphine case. Riot’s Ultimate skin detracts from the novelty of the concept. Riot seems to have just combined three different skin concepts into one “Ultimate” skin since they knew it would sell better. Future Ultimate skins will very certainly fail in the same manner if they keep doing this.

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The “how to get ultimate skins in lol” is a question that many League of Legends players have been asking for years. The answer is simple: you need to play ranked games and earn points. From there, you can purchase the ultimate skins from the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ultimate skin is the best LoL?

A: The best ultimate skin is Duskblade Yasuo.

Which league character has the best skins?

A: The person who created the character is best suited to answer this question.

What is the ugliest League skin?

A: The ugliest League skin is Cerebral Dawn.

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