Alabama is a state in the American South, located on the southernmost part of what once was America. Its nickname is “Heart of Dixie”.
The first major battle fought by Confederate troops was at Fort Sumter, which Alabama lies near. It became a breakaway republic after secession from the Union and served as one of four states to secede during Reconstruction (1865-77).
Its official song, written by John Stafford Cripps and James F. Smith, has been adopted as its state anthem since 1901; it also serves as an unofficial national anthem for some Southerners who oppose both North Carolina’s The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and Ulysses S’ “Threnody.”
It ranks 26th among all U.S. states based on population: 3800000 inhabitants according to 2015 United States Census Bureau estimates.,
and 5th in terms of area with 251 square miles .

Alabama is one of the 50 states in America. It has a total area of 4,759 square miles. The capital city is Montgomery. Read more in detail here: alabama cities.


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIA — Greg Sankey is a Birmingham, Alabama resident. He may be found at any of the 14 cities and towns where an SEC institution is located on any given day. He also maintains a vacation home in upstate New York, close to his childhood home. He went to school at Longview, Texas, Cortland, New York, and Syracuse, New York. He’s lived and worked in Utica, Natchitoches, and Frisco, among other places. He has access to all of the passes he needs to attend any athletic event he wants.

But it’s hard to imagine Greg Sankey, the most powerful man in collegiate athletics, commissioner of the SEC’s Death Star, the hand on the rudder steering the NCAA into whatever future it may or may not have, the oft-proclaimed Man Who Saved College Football… hey, pick your superlative, it’s hard to imagine Greg Sankey looking as happy as he has over the past few days, walking the streets of Indianapolis between ridiculously important high-level meetings and gidd

Jackets, scarves, and gloves Take a trip around Indianapolis to explore the sights of the #CFBPlayoff.

January 8, 2022 — Greg Sankey (@GregSankey)

With the College Football Playoff National Championship (8 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN App) between SEC heavyweights Alabama and Georgia on Monday night, Circle City is serving as the college football world’s 2022 capital. The Racing Capital of the World, as announced in large black letters for the thousands of Crimson Tide and Bulldogs supporters that attended the Indianapolis Motor Speedway over the weekend. Residents adorn their yards with antique motor oil sponsorship banners and discarded racing tires, and streets are named after Indy 500 winners. Restaurants are festooned with black and white images of motorsports luminaries.

Greg Sankey is a huge fan of everything. Greg Sankey is passionate about auto racing, not simply because race vehicles are cool. He grew up in the grandstands of New York’s famed bullrings. When he watches his favorite dirt late models, he sees a business model both then and today. An approach to leadership that gained him the SEC commissionership, drove the league to unprecedented success and prosperity, and has his name on almost every facet of collegiate athletics, from football playoff expansion to the NCAA’s future. He was conducting talks regarding the CFP in the days building up to Monday night’s game, literally under the shadow of NCAA headquarters a block away.

“My passion for motor racing, I think, isn’t a lengthy psychiatric study. It definitely transports me back to my childhood, to my home, as I’m sure we all want to do “After a recent visit to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the dirt track world championships, Sankey stated, chuckling. From a vantage point above the start-finish line, he waved the green flag. He had a look around the garage. He even sat shotgun in an 850-horsepower monster as it sped around the slippery four-tenths-mile red clay track on “slideways.”

Sankey maintained his trademark somber at-the-podium commissioner demeanor throughout. He was too preoccupied with his smile.


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Alabama is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. Reference: alabama time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alabama is famous for?

A: Alabama is famous for its football team. The states first professional league was founded in Birmingham, and the Crimson Tide have won six national championships since their inception in 1892.

Is Alabama part of Texas?

A: That is an interesting question. Its not entirely clear whether Alabama and Texas are in the same country or not, so I cannot answer that for you.

Is Alabama a great place to live?

A: Alabama is a very good place to live because it has a lot of different great people who cherish the state and want to keep it going. There are also many things that make this area so special, such as football games with all the fans cheering like crazy!

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