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Who does not know Ove The Scarred? I certainly do , he is one of the greatest champions of the game. However it is not often you get to see a champion like him in a competitive match. Recently I was in the middle of a large tournament and I got a chance to interview him and he informed me of his hatred for Valhallas and how he was going to finally beat them.

Ove The Scarred Flyting, last year’s “scum of the earth” winner of the Flyting, is the winner of the “AC Valhalla” this year. The “AC Valhalla” is a new competition that takes place every year, and each competitor is required to answer “Scum of the Earth-esque” questions. The questions will be answered in a specific order, and the winner will be the competitor who answers the last question correctly.

Ove the Scarred is one of the on-the-fly challenges in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

You’ll find it on a campsite near Quatford in Skyropeskira.

Here’s a guide to answering Ove Scar’s duel in AC Valhalla.

To begin the task, go to the location indicated below, which is marked with a marker on the map.

Talk to him first. You can place small, medium or large bets.

Correct answers

Below are the correct answers for the Flytest task:

  • And your thick skull is good enough to sharpen my axe.
  • Test your strength against mine and we’ll see how you do.
  • If you need a fight, I’ll take you now.

Beat of Ove’s scar

After you beat him by running, he will challenge you to a fist fight.

Beat him here too.

Flyte’s job ends here.

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