The future of law enforcement is in apps and software. The growing digitalization of our society means police services are turning to apps that scan social media, GPS trackers, and other sources for leads on criminals. 8 free apps you can use today to help the police nab your next criminal!

The “best free police scanner app for android 2022” is a list of 8 apps that are said to be the best of their kind in 2022.

8 Free Apps Police Scanners In 2022

Are you seeking for free police scanner applications to keep up with what’s going on in your neighborhood? Then you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered. We’ll go through ten free police scanner applications for Android and iPhone in this post.

These free applications Police scanners enable users to connect to the internet. It provides real-time traffic information and listens to the weather radio, air traffic control, and fire department. In fact, you may maintain information on any department that has been made public. Despite the fact that there are many free applications accessible, some of them are worthless. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 free applications for monitoring live police broadcasts.

Let’s get going.

1. Make the police scanner public.

Broadcastify gives access to 6500 worldwide channels, which are grouped by nation and metro region. It provides comprehensive access to rail, aviation, marine, weather, aircraft, marine, and public safety information. You may create your own favorites list, arrange the feed by location in the browser, and obtain real-time data. Furthermore, the app features a website that allows you to listen to the news on your PC by connecting it to your headphone and iPad. The app’s user interface is simple and easy. There is a free and a pro edition, although the latter does not include adverts or feed archiving.


2. Scanner Radio for Fire and Police

Over 7000 fire and temperature prediction radios, maritime scanners, air traffic, fire, aviation, and police channels are available via the app. It includes features such as receiving notifications when any user tunes in, mobile alerts, and sorting the whole list by parameters like as location or genre. Users may also add shortcuts or the scanner radio appliance to their main screen. The program comes in two versions: free and pro, both of which enable you to record audio and provide news without commercials.

3. Scanner for the 5-0 Radio Police

This is one of the most popular police scanner applications for Android and iOS, including coverage of fire, EMS, and police feeds. It stands out from the competition since you can listen to the broadcast even when it’s minimized. The software also includes a collection of police shortcodes, the ability to communicate with other users, and the ability to create custom feeds. You may also share recordings and filter out broadcasts by country. While there are some fantastic features, several aesthetic issues like as large buttons may turn consumers away. It, like other applications, provides a premium edition that allows you to share feeds without adverts or upgrades.

signals connecting to your radio stream is the source of this image.

4. Scanner for Police +

This is the app for you if you want to listen to a wide range of stations. You may select from thousands of streams with 40,000 channels. Users may view Broadcastify programs, record them, and send the mp3 version to their friends using the app. You may search for the broadcast by typing in the URL, set a timer to stop the channel at a certain moment, and have your favorite station wake you awake. The pro version costs $5 per month or $40 for a yearly membership.

5. A cop scanner!

This software is regarded as one of the finest for Android devices. You can effortlessly utilize its easy interface thanks to its distinctive characteristics. You may listen to the frequencies and connect to the police and EMS feeds. You may hear the broadcast from Canada, Australia, Ireland, and other countries. This software enables you to listen in the background while using other applications in the background. Furthermore, the app’s creators are constantly updating it to ensure that it works with the most recent versions of your Android and iPhone devices.

6. X-ray police scanner

Looking for a battery-saving app with quicker playback? This is the one for you. Custom stream players are included in the app, allowing you to view on battery-saving modes. It includes 10 police codes and offers you access to the top 50 local signals. The software is quick to respond, with alerts arriving in under three minutes. As a result, users may quickly connect to police broadcasts and networks such as Madison, Newark, and Cleveland.

7. Free Police Scanner

This program gives you access to over 5000 fire, hotline, police, and other radio stations. It’s possible to arrange it by province, nation, and state. The program uses route finder, 3G, or Wifi triangulation to determine the channel that is closest to your location. You may create your own favorites list and choose your own feed. It enables you to listen in on air traffic, sea traffic, public safety, and much more.

free police scanning apps

8. Scanner 911

Another excellent program that allows users to listen to police, weather, and EMS scanner coverage from throughout the nation. The sound may be adjusted using the built-in equalization and amplifier effects. The stream may be heard in the background. You may look for things based on their location, distance, nation, city, or town. It contains 10 police codes to help you keep track of what’s going on in the neighborhood. The software has a variety of functions, including a customizable sleep set option that helps preserve battery life. Similarly, you may control the stream with the use of headset controls or a lock screen option.

The Final Word

With the above-mentioned free police scanner applications, you may now effortlessly listen to the police feed, weather updates, and live radio broadcasts. It is much easier to set up than a police scanner radio, which requires manual setup. You may use these free applications without worrying about breaking the law. The applications have useful functions like as keeping track of your favorites, setting up alerts, and conserving battery life. Though they are now free to use, you may upgrade to their pro versions, which include no advertisements and other features.

We hope that this post has informed you about 8 free police scanner applications. So, what do you have to lose? Try these apps to stay on top of what’s going on right now!

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