If you are a competitive gamer we know you really hate to lose, that’s why getting better at PvP games is an important goal.

We don’t personally like it when our friends beat us in our favorite games and especially when they continue reminding us of it every time they can.

That is why we decided to put together this list for you, to help you get back at all those players who have defeated you before.

So without further ado, let’s start with these 5 tips to get better at PvP.

1. Play with better players

The fastest way to get better at pretty much anything, and is not the exception in PvP games, is to play with better players than you.

Playing with other better gamers will help you learn new tricks and get tips from them. Since they have been performing better at the game, copying what they do will enhance your overall skills.

Another great thing that will come out of it is that they will show what your weaknesses are. Playing with beginners will never bring that up since you are probably beating them before they can find any weakness in your skills.

2. Get the right gear

When playing any game, it is not uncommon to get recommended to get better gaming gear.
Depending on what video game you are playing and which platform you are playing it in, this can differ.

It is not the same to get a good mouse for Minecraft as to get one for LoL. Even though both are PC games the skills needed for each could be different so what you need in a good mouse or keyboard can change.

Make sure that the gear you are getting will help you get better at the specific game you play.

3. Focus on the right strategy to win the 1v1

Each game has different strategies to win the game as a whole but to win the 1v1 battles might be different, so you should focus on that.

For example, if the winning depends on points, then find which is the best way to get points. If the game focuses on surviving, then the most important part is to not die instead of getting kills.

You get the point, when playing versus other players your main goal is to win that battle, not the whole game at once.

4. Practice your skills

This might be obvious but a really practical way to get better is to practice.

We mentioned before that playing versus more experienced players will help you get better but since you won’t always play against them, then practicing your skills with less experienced players is a good way to take advantage of the situation.

If the game you are playing also has a PvE version then use it to practice. It is likely that if you get good at PvE you will also be good at PvP.

5. Improve your weakness

We all have weaknesses in our gaming skills, we can’t be good at everything.

If you are an experienced player your strengths will help you before your opponent finds your weak points. But when playing with someone better or at the same level as you, your weaknesses might get you to the bitter end.

The main focus on getting better at PvP is not just to win, but most importantly to not lose. And that can get easier if you improve your weaknesses.


There you have it, this list of 5 tips to get better at any PvP game might be a bit obvious but that does not mean it is not good. As with anything, practice will make you better, so keep playing.

We hope this article has been helpful for you and you can improve your gaming skills

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