“Thessaly Moon” is the Moon that rules Tuesday. The Moon rules Tuesday (This is different from the Moon’s rules for the days in the week), the 3rd of August, which is today, is ruled by Thessaly Moon. Thessaly Moon is the Moon which is in its last quarter.

The 3rd August 2020 is a Saturday. The Zodiac sign for the day is Virgo. The elements are Fire, Earth, and Air. The sign of the day is Virgo. There is no planetary ruler for the day. There is no North Node or South Node. There are no fixed stars for the day.

As you may know, the 3rd August 2020 is a significant day for astrologers and the astrology community. It is said that on this date the North Node of the Moon will transit the Aquarius sign, i.e., the Moon will enter Aquarius.


Weekly Astrological Forecasts for All Signs 3. August 2020

Our astrologer, Elena.


word-image-4550 Get ready for a trip back in time! Dedication to this dream pays off Their efforts have not gone unnoticed This week will bring you a subtle kind of energy, Aries. All this is related to two days of great cosmic activity in your horoscope. And it’s about past efforts catching up with you in the future! This moment can be the culmination of an important phase, and it can have a major impact on how others see you. Recognition, reputation and respect – especially when it comes to how you are perceived by the general public – are important issues right now.

Finding out how you fit in the big picture

Your first day with a red letter is the 3rd, when the full moon is in your 11th house. The sign illuminates your future path and the path you have taken. In addition, those who have walked this path with you will be highlighted. Friends, contacts, groups, collectives, clubs and associations. Mercury is in opposition with Saturn retrograde in your 10th house. The Moon in the 4th house. House Rules. On the 3rd, Mercury meets Vesta, the object of devotion and willingness to delay gratification, and Vesta itself is in opposition to Saturn on the 6th. Remember that Saturn also rules the weather and, in the sign and house it rules in your horoscope, its influence is doubled. The same goes for his ability to reward you when you stay on your path. In other words: Stick to that vision, keep the flame of your dream alive and, most importantly, get the job done without looking for shortcuts.

Journey to the future

What manifests itself this week may be a long time coming. The nodes are the time machines in our maps. Again, in the context of karma. Imagine being Marty McFly without the Delorean. A day of good news or the arrival of something that brings you relief may occur when Venus meets North Node in Mercury 3 on the 5th. On the same day, Mercury enters your 5th house. A sign of radiant happiness. If Venus enters your 4th on the 7th. When the day arrives, you feel a new sense of satisfaction and can sit back and enjoy all that you have accomplished. Like the energy around you, all your efforts may not be apparent to others. But there will definitely be results. In a nutshell: This week could bring rewards for sustained effort or simply for staying true to your vision, goal or dream. And that’s how you get the attention of the people around you, Aries!


word-image-4551 The solutions lead you down a new path You need something better than the current state of affairs. Let more love in Decisions that can be associated with a cycle that began 19 years ago could take you into a whole new cycle this week, Taurus. And if the circle is now complete, it is a step that marks the beginning of a new long-term growth cycle. This week’s Full Moon in your status sign 10 makes you, your career, or your past accomplishments very visible to the public. Or on the front line, if you need to impress those who determine public opinion. Then act like you mean it, Taurus. Because if you don’t take yourself seriously, who will?

Preparing for departure

The biggest challenge in making a good impression is correctly assessing our appearance. Whether you realize it or not, you are now in the public eye in one way or another. It could be your boss wanting to know if you’re up for a promotion, or the world. You don’t want to be seen as a lightweight or someone who doesn’t deliver. If you’re not sure, ask someone you trust what you’re designing. Your appearance also matters if your 10th is affected, and also if the rule of your 10th is affected. (Saturn) is in play. Again: If you are looking for a new position or a promotion, are you in the right place in your job? It is your message and you as the messenger that is the winning combination that others cannot refuse. Especially when Mercury is in the 3rd house ruling it. The 3rd degree opposites Saturn in your zone of opportunity.

Working as if it were your own

Mercury also meets Vesta on this day, and Vesta itself opposes Saturn on the 6th. Self-confidence and, yes, feeling and looking like you’re already in the role you envision for yourself is the secret to your success in magic. Mercury in your 4th house. The panel reinforces the treatment of the house, property and household. Or about them. For example, your career. Mercury rules contracts, agreements and trade. On the same day that Mercury enters your 4th, the ruler of Venus hits the North Node in its 2nd position. Where you want to live, with whom and how, because this is your money house. This leads to the full cycle I was talking about.

Take your future seriously

This week you could be making long-term decisions that will shape your future in the areas of work, money and love. This could have gone on for a long time. But there is something new for your future preparations, because Venus is in your 3rd house on the 7th. The sign is coming. Feel the lightness, playfulness and joy that surrounds you as you look forward to the new future you are creating. Above all, don’t hesitate to make decisions this week, Taurus. Their future must be taken seriously. So do you. In a nutshell: This week requires some long term thinking on your part, Taurus. And know what you deserve in terms of love and acceptance. Do not postpone this decision. The action leads to the discharge.


word-image-4552 No more pampering. Share your vision with others Take a new path to freedom Give up your stupidity! Feel the joy again, Gemini. Mercury is in top form this week. Yeah, he’s free of the retro shadow blues. And pushes you towards freedom and opportunity. The sweetest message only your ruler can bring – this vibration will accompany you throughout the month.


Of course, it’s birthday season for Leo. But in early August, you may have a feeling that a second one is on the way. Life becomes brighter and luster is restored. You can also regain optimism and confidence in your dreams. At the full moon in your 9th house. The house is about your future, the people you know and the new direction of your large social circle, group or contacts. On the day of the Full Moon, Mercury is in your second house. House also in opposition to Saturn in your other house of money, the eighth house. Mercury also beats Vesta, and Vesta itself is in opposition to Saturn on the 6th. Are you really worth more than what you have accepted? This problem should now be corrected. If Mercury enters the 3rd position on the 5th. happens, it will be easy for you to make your point. On this day, Venus touches the North Lunar Node in your main house. House. If you are old enough, think back to events from 19 years ago that had a direct impact on your self-esteem, money, or how you were treated and valued by others. This is an option to reset the scale if necessary.

Expectations and your ability to attract

You could begin to feel a new sense of self and self-worth as Venus arrives in her second sign after a close encounter with the North Node. Maybe now you’re looking back to get ahead. Especially when it comes to money – and love too. In other words, Twins, no more rules. Money talks, and so do you this week. In a nutshell: Be prepared to make progress and take the pressure off this week. Raise those expectations. The doors of opportunity can be opened by those you know, Gemini. You no longer have to live up to these expectations.


word-image-4553 What disappears makes room for something new Love needs a new role Remembering the past and rethinking the future They are another sign that this week, Cancer will feel like it’s another birthday. The twin living next door will feel a much needed lightness and freedom from limitations. A spiritual rebirth is taking place for you right now, and it may take you beyond your limits. It also gives the impression of being brand new, ready for something new.

Free flight

When your dominant moon is full, it affects you on a soul level. In your 8. House, this calls for a change. You have to get rid of your old self, like a butterfly gets rid of its chrysalis. So if he shows up on the 3rd in the 8th, you think: A barn, a barn, a barn. On this day, Mercury also meets Vesta in your first house. and Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn in your 7th house. House across the street. You are in the final stages, or even just the final days, of an important phase in your relationship with someone. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end, so don’t panic! Maybe you’re entering a new phase or a new long-term partnership with someone. But whether they are professionals or hearts beating in unison. Vesta in your 1st doesn’t mean giving up outdated roles, even in long-term alliances. And certainly not the new one.

You determine your future now

Venus and the North Lunar Node in your 12th house. House offers an incredible opportunity. The knots connect us to the past. Or themes that recur in family karma. On the 5th, Venus touches the North Lunar Node, which can bring up a person or situation from your past. Jump into your time machine, accelerate to 88 mph, and travel back in time in 19 intervals if you’re old enough for the clues. This time, though, it’s you who’ll make the difference. It’s about getting rid of everything that has to do with not accepting the same thing just because it seems familiar. The feeling that this week is the beginning of a new life goes hand in hand with Mercury entering your second house on the 5th. Half sits down and lets you know you can wear whatever you want. Venus enters your sign on the 7th and wants to show you that you can play any role you want in the future.

Glamour for Love

The planets represent archetypal energy. Call this cosmic force, if you will. Depending on where they are and the angle with our home planets, they are triggered. With the energy of Venus in your first house. The house is all about glamour, beauty and love. It’s time to take action. And throw away anything that doesn’t reflect that, cancer. In a nutshell: The inner changes force you, Krebs, to make the outer ones just as bright. This week, renounce everything that no longer fits your feelings. This is how you make room for something that reflects a new attitude of self-love!


word-image-4554 More complications in love Clearing out the old to make way for the new Fate determines the path you choose It’s time to think seriously about what you want from love in the coming year of Leo. We are not yet at the new moon in your 1st when your new cycle begins. This will happen later this month. However, this week brings you a full moon in your 7th house. Signs of long term love, marriage and doubles of all kinds.

Love needs passion, purpose and flow

There can only be one person involved in all of this. Maybe even as a mirror that shows you exactly what you need. Even though the birthing season is in full swing, you are actually still dealing with what you brought in and what you left behind. Stay with this process this week as Mercury meets Vesta in your 12th and opposites Saturn in your prosperity sector on the day of this Moon. Right now, you need a love that supports you and feeds your heart and soul. Fifth can show you what it looks like and what it doesn’t look like. On this day, Mercury enters your sign and Venus touches the North Lunar Node in your 11th house. You might hear someone from a distant past, from a galaxy, or at least from a life far, far away. Or the events evoke a familiar reaction in you. Avoid any love situation reminiscent of the movie It’s Complicated.

Keep your distance when it comes to loyalty

For lasting love, Leo, you need openness, commitment and, above all, shared sovereignty. Vesta in opposition to Saturn in your 6th house. House on 6th will remind you. On the 7th, Venus will enter your 12th house. Enter the characters. It can bring love into a magical space for you, reunite you with a lost love or vice versa, get you carried away with promises you hope for instead of believing the other party wants to keep. All of these thoughts about love suggest that it takes more than dreams and wishful thinking when it comes to a long-term partnership or relationship. Isn’t that what you always wanted, Leo? In a nutshell: Be ready to discover yourself and your destiny. This week, Leo, there is a touch of time and magic surrounding love. See who or what you bring into the new cycle. Now look for yourself.


word-image-4555 Fate gives synchronicity Back in the swing of things Love is entering a new era Think of the words synchronicity and synchronicity. This week you are aligned in many ways, Virgo. As the sun enters your sign at the end of the month, you can show the world that it needs a lot more Virgo love right now. Unchanged, pure and dedicated.


Don’t use outdated astrological terms like fussy. They are in harmony and in the flow. Your inner wisdom gives you what I can only describe as a refined intuition that tells you what to do regarding your well-being during the Full Moon on the 3rd. This happens in your house ruled by Virgo – in your sixth house. Watch your diet and how you take care of your mind, body and soul and you will have plenty to work with.

Feed your soul

The term soul food can mean many things. Yes, it’s a kitchen, but it also includes everything that feeds our soul. Music, contact with people who accept us, expressing our creativity, delving into what we love to do, painting a great artist, being by the sea – all this feeds our soul. These are also our objectives. This week Mercury is interested in people who support your dreams or help you pursue them. It can also point to unusual or important encounters or opportunities. Especially since it is in opposition to Saturn and in conjunction with Vesta. Love can involve a significant age difference – for example, within seven years or more. But if it’s a meeting of hearts and minds, what does it matter?

Commitment for target

At this point synchronicities become amazing synchronicities. Especially when Mercury enters your 12th on the 5th. The day is dawning. On the same day, Venus touches the North Node in your 10th house. House. It can bring you back to where you want to be or, if I may say so, love through the ages. What boosts your mental immunity and feeds your soul can be the company you keep when Venus arrives on the 7th on your 11th. The day is dawning. Connect with friends, groups or larger networks. Normally this has to do with loving friends, but with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn still in your 5th house, this is not the right time. house, it could escalate into something more. Give yourself some time this week, Virgo. And let synchronicity do its magic. In a nutshell: Soul food and synchronicity are the perfect recipe this week, Virgo. Especially if it’s about love or something that supports you. Let fate connect you to the river.


word-image-4556 Weaving a creative love spell Take your chance. Preparing for a restart The full moon in our 5th. The house often gives us the impression of simply being in the divine flow of things. Synchronicities or pleasant experiences will accompany this Full Moon on the 3rd. It’s a full moon, perfect for a romantic evening, even if it’s just buzzing or a long social walk. It also lends itself to doing the things you love and developing your creative projects.

Let’s dance!

Take advantage of the opportunity this Full Moon presents that appears in your house of happiness. And by that I don’t mean you have to spend your week’s wages on sticks. But be willing to take risks, perhaps with your own dreams or abilities. It may be something you have been thinking or dreaming about for a long time. You can weigh the pros and cons because Mercury is in opposition to Saturn in your 4th house. House – pros and cons in the long run. Are you sure you can do it? Especially if that means acting more decisively than you’ve been acting for yourself lately. Mercury’s meeting with Vesta asks you how you feel.

Awakening of the dream

However, Venus is telling you that it’s time to take a step towards something bigger. It might have something to do with your past. If you’re old enough, go back 19 years. Or even further back in increments of 19 years. For what is happening now may reflect similar themes or lead to a full circle of events as Venus strikes the North Node in your house of opportunity, freedom and expansion. This can apply to people and places abroad – even if you are not going anywhere due to existing restrictions. Big ideas and dreams. Media. Higher Education. The great outdoors, sports and big animals, especially horses. But especially anything bigger than a sheep. This is both the law of karma and the law of attraction in action. So keep an eye on who or what is coming back, maybe in a new uniform. Maybe the last time these issues came up you weren’t ready to face them on a soul level. Even if it was something you really wanted. I am now.


Your future may be connected to those you know or have a relationship with, as Mercury moves from the 5th to your 11th house. Signs of entry. So keep an eye on everyone’s turn. From the 7th, Venus boosts your professional and public image when she arrives in your 10th state sign. Now you’re ready to impress. I told you you’d be ready this week, Libra. So put on the big Jimmy Choo’s. The future has been set on a higher path. In a nutshell: Venus will remove some restrictions and give you freedom on some level. Take old themes and revise them to reflect something new. Love is taking on huge proportions, Libra.



word-image-4557 Access all areas when it comes to emotions Let the others in. A job worth doing. This week’s Full Moon is on the 3rd in the 4th house. House, Scorpio. His sensitivity has worsened. Show your psychic and intuitive gifts (listen to your intuition!), but also your weaknesses (don’t run away from them).

In your meekness lies your strength

Nest building, cocooning, being at home and feeling safe and secure are common during this full moon. We can withdraw and actively seek time at home and with those who we feel understand and support us. Or maybe we want to take some time for ourselves and relax for a few hours or even a day. This Full Moon tells you not to resist these impulses. But at the same time, you shouldn’t compensate for your feelings of vulnerability by overeating or hiding your true feelings. With this full moon, it is easy to become hypersensitive. If this has happened to you, before you reach for that candy bar, ask yourself why you don’t allow yourself to feel the way you feel. And know that what you’re feeling is normal.

Breaking down emotional barriers

If someone else took the initiative – or if the idea came from them – why not share it? Try doing this with the sentence I know I can be hypersensitive right now. The point is that people will want to listen to you if you are willing to share. And don’t be surprised if someone suddenly wants to open up to you under this moon. As a result, you may feel more confident and secure in your connections. It is in your vulnerability that your strength lies. Subtle and powerful changes are in the air this week that can help you overcome old fears and barriers to progress that have existed for too long. This week Mercury/Vesta in your 9th in opposition to Saturn in your 3rd wants you to realize that you are more capable than you thought in the past. Despite these twisted feelings!

Trust this selection

On the 5th, Mercury enters the 10th. Saturn’s reign, so it will be much easier to sell this intelligent knowledge. However, the long-term changes occur in the 8th month. House as Venus meets the North Lunar Node here on the 5th. The nodes control the themes of time travel and karma. Go back 19 years, if you are old enough, and look at what happened then that gave you a new sense of power. This can lead to the same problems coming back to haunt you over and over again. This is especially true for your money. Venus rules it, of course, and flies from the 7th. Free house in your 9. House. Freedom will begin within a week. First: Understand that the fear of being vulnerable makes you strong. And second, the realization that we often don’t solve problems – we just move away from them. That’s your strength and your superpower this week, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Do you need time for yourself? This week’s Full Moon suggests that you should be guided by your intuition when it comes to fulfilling these needs. But don’t keep those feelings to yourself. Openness strengthens these ties. And it brings you closer together.

Magnetic switch

Be open to what you hear Wait for the answer. Love takes on a life-changing quality Are you not happy with the messages coming in this week under the full moon in your 3rd house. Wait two days and try to delay your answer if you can. We all know that the full moon excites us emotionally. As a result, you may be prone to exaggerate or even misinterpret everything you hear, Sag.

Feelings are not facts

All moon transitions are fleeting. Even at full moon. Because it controls our emotional perspective, we can confuse feelings with facts. The Moon is in your 3rd house. The signs of communication, writing, language and the internet. What you feel about what you have heard or read does not necessarily follow the meaning or even the facts. No matter how strong the feelings are. My advice, if you can, is to wait until the 5th, when Mercury enters your 9th house. Mark comes in, ruled by Sag, and restores your perspective. And your sense of humor. This news may not mean what you thought it meant. And if so, you now have a new and better way to deal with it. Especially when it comes to money, finances, your career or real estate matters.

The past is your most valuable possession

You are in a stronger position than you think if you use the wisdom of the past two years, as Mercury and Vesta are in the 3rd and 6th houses respectively. Saturn in your money zone across the street. Assume your personal value when talking about money or in any negotiation. There’s no doubt about your abilities now, Sag. And you shouldn’t believe in yourself. Especially when Venus is in your 8th with a 7th.

Love returns or takes you back in time

Before this happens, you’ll need to travel back in time when it comes to partnerships, close working relationships, or even projects, because Venus is in its 7th house. Degree collided with the North Node on the 5th for the first time in 19 years. What do you know about it? What seems to be different? This could be the beginning of a fateful duo between you and a significant other. Or see a return of opportunity for you and another. If you’ve ever given up on love, you’ve learned a lot this week. And that includes knowing that love hasn’t abandoned you, Sag. In a nutshell: Love has a familiar or meaningful character. Even though it’s in a new format this week. Now apply what you’ve learned. Fate is sending you and someone else on a new journey together.


word-image-4558 External events reflect internal values It all starts within you. The experience creates something new Whether you feel like this week is about your money, cash, income, possessions, assets or finances, Capricorns. Accept that regardless of what you see on the surface, it’s not what happens on the outside that’s important, it’s what happens on the inside. What is happening now is just a reflection of your inner state of mind. So if you want outer changes, especially material changes, that’s where you need to start.

Making love stronger

The latter, representatives of all signs, receive the vibration of the ruler Saturn. And these are the lessons. Which you also don’t see or shouldn’t see as a limitation. Just a system to work with. Saturn is back with his last visit. But stronger and with new gifts. Money and love are ruled by Venus. So it’s not just about your money, but also about the people close to you. If you need to negotiate a better, fairer deal, when Mercury and Vesta are in your 7th opposite Saturn in your 1st, you are again working within this self-evaluating structure. Use or adjust as needed to get the result you want.

Improving mental immunity

Mercury and Venus are in motion this week. Another reason why love, money, and realizing deep down that you are worth it will take center stage. Mercury enters your other house of money on the 5th, promoting negotiations and transactions. On the same day, Venus touches the North Lunar Node in your 6th house for the first time in 19 years. House. This is your home of work, responsibility and also wellness. Debt or money worries erode our mental immunity. For example, the feeling of not being good enough. Venus asks you to look back 19 years, if you are old enough, and see how other people and the world at large reflect your beliefs about what you are worth. What does it say now? I hope you don’t get tired of it, but you’ve been worth your weight in gold ever since. On the 7th, Venus enters its 7th sign. Characters. If you are looking for love, this is one of the best transits of the year for finding or starting a new partnership of any kind. Anything that makes you and at least one other person start something new together. Others can use all this knowledge about love to start a new life with someone. But it’s up to you to do what you do to reflect that value, Capricorn. This is not a training session. But a love that comes from trust in one’s own worth. In a nutshell: The truth about love or what attracts you flows directly from what you believe about yourself. Fortunately, your ruler Saturn is showing you how to balance expectations and reality, Capricorns!


word-image-4559 Believing in yourself is the fuel for your future. Talk and share your feelings What you want to wear happens Beware of those sharp feelings in yourself and others this week. Do you feel like you can express who you are and how you feel? If so, let them get closer. Invite them to come closer and don’t be shy about how you really feel.

Believe what you feel, baby!

This week’s full moon in your sign has to do with your true feelings. And feel comfortable sharing them and listening to their feelings. First, it doesn’t mean you have to pretend to think or feel differently just to keep the peace or make someone happy. It’s about taking responsibility for your emotions. And know that you have the right to feel what you feel. Mercury is in the sixth house. House with Vesta. It is in opposition to Saturn in your 12th house. House before you move to your 7th. The sign of partnerships occurs, and Vesta does the same on the 6th. This is your home for all things intimate. What you keep to yourself and what others hide. Like these feelings. Combined with the current Full Moon, this suggests that it is not in your best interest to keep these feelings to yourself. So air them now.

Your destiny is your name

Fatal love, luck or attraction play a role because Venus is in conjunction with the North Node in your 5th year for the first time in 19 years on the 5th. The House is assembled. It is also the home for babies, children and teenagers. If you’re old enough, go back 19 years to see what you created that attracted you, as well as things to do with parenting or your inner child. Get involved with someone or something again, or be a parent, sponsor, foster parent or grandparent. So is the return of an opportunity that puts you in the spotlight. Get ready for a show of love! On the 7th, Venus enters your 6th house. Signs of daily work (paid and unpaid) and responsibility. You can improve your routine by becoming more creative in your daily activities. Venus allows you to make your personal well-being your priority. Especially given the current day-to-day restrictions around Covid-19. With the coming of Venus, this attitude of self-love becomes real. Do you like your job? Venus shows you whether or not you do, or a way to change the situation if you don’t. Venus here shows how everyday things can become reality. Just raise those expectations, Waterman. In a nutshell: Allow others into your emotional world this week, Aquarius. This is not a week to lock yourself away in the highest room of the highest tower. Love or opportunity can return. Be prepared to meet him.


word-image-4560 It’s not you, it’s me. Or is it? There is no such thing as belonging Waiting for the revelation of truth Stop and note that the full moon is in your 12th house. House has to do with your feelings. Or if you are now so open, sensitive and permeable that you confuse someone else’s emotional state with your own. Keep a dream journal handy during this Full Moon, as you may receive symbols or messages that will give you clues. Write them down as soon as you wake up. Don’t wait until tomorrow!

Whose feelings are they?

But not knowing where your feelings end and someone else’s begin can lead to confusion. If you have an intuitive feeling about someone, accept it and see what happens. More details will probably follow later. Mercury and Vesta in your 5th are opposite Saturn in your 11th 3rd and 5th. It could very well be you and your lover, your child or your friend. Again: Take what you feel for granted and wait for Mercury to move from the 5th to the 6th to find out what’s really going on. Truth is about what you understand and what someone else may say or do. Then you can back up your instincts and facts. And know what to do on that basis.

Planting a seed of love

Decisions about home, living arrangements – a place where you feel at home – lead to choices. Venus touches the North Node in your 4th house on the 5th for the first time in 19 years. House. The North Lunar Node is your time machine. In your fourth. The house is also connected to home, roots, tradition, homeland, even family themes and karma. When you’re old enough, you look back and see what happened to moving, real estate, or anchoring your roots. When you first experience this, think back to what was going on in your family at the time. This could be the time when you create your own lifestyle or go home, wherever or whatever that means to you. So whether you are buying, selling, renting or moving, there is no better place than your home, wherever that may be. Mercury in the sixth house. The house of the 5th will force you to pay attention to your daily routine and responsibilities. And pay special attention to health and well-being. Venus arrives on the 5th. Goodbye to your fabulous 5th. Hello. Love, or at least narcissism, lust and attraction are in the air.

Hidden truths are in the air

Friends, lovers, gifts and yes, even money are what you can attract now. The time of indulgences. As for the feelings you have along the way, with time you can see if they are yours. Or maybe you’re just in tune with the real feelings someone is hiding, Pisces. In a nutshell: A full moon in your 12th house. The sign brings your intuition to a peak. But what you pick up affects you or someone close to you? Find out what it is before you act, Pisces! To view the weekly video on astrology, click here.The third of August 2020 is going to be a pretty good day for the majority of Tarot readers, especially if they are studying astrology. The day will be a good one for the majority of people, but it won’t be a perfect day for everyone, especially those on the wrong side of the Zodiac.. Read more about what is my big 3 astrology and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2020 a bad year astrology?

There is a lot of hype around the stars for 2020. But is there any truth to the predictions? Here is a look at some of the stars that are predicted to cause problems in the next few years. In 2020, the Sun will be in Taurus, which is a sign that is known for being practical, steady and intelligent, as well as being very loyal. The whole of the month will be very positive, with the stars in Taurus helping you to achieve all your goals. The stars in Taurus are also very traditional and conservative, and you will be able to have a lot of fun with the people you are with. The month will be a very good one for lovers, as it will be a very romantic time, and you will be able to spend a lot of time together, enjoying each other’s company.

Is 2020 a bad year for Leo?

Leo has an unfortunate reputation that is not entirely undeserved. His connections with the other planets, especially the Sun, make him a highly sensitive person. He is constantly feeling the effects of other people’s moods and he is often unable to take advantage of lucky circumstances. Leo’s most characteristic manifestation is his exalted self-assurance. He is always feeling that he is somebody special. This self-importance sometimes leads to delusions, especially when he is not able to express it in the form of an impressive appearance. Currently, there are many astrologers that believe that the end times are near. Many believe that the end times will be a time of “great tribulation”, and the world will be in a “great tribulation”. It is also believed that this “great tribulation” will begin in 2020. The signs of the times are the cow, the dog, the rabbit, the snake, the rooster, and the dog.

Is 2020 is lucky for Leo?

What if you could know exactly what is going to happen in your life by knowing what is going to happen in someone else’s life? All of the data collected through astrology can be used to predict events that have yet to happen. Could this information be used to plan your future and save you time and stress in the long run? The answer to that question is yes, because astrology can help you. It’s not exactly the start of summer, but it’s certainly the start of the summer for Leo. The summer solstice is a turning point for the stars – it takes place on the day the sun is directly overhead at its highest point in the sky, which is usually around mid-summer, around the 21st of June every year. The solstice is the moment the sun reaches its most northerly position in the sky, marking the longest day of the year. It also marks the beginning of the season of summer.

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