A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to witness a very interesting matchup between the two best teams in the NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. LA Lakers; and Boston Celtics vs
the Golden State Warriors against Oklahoma City Thunder. With all this hype about Kyrie Irving’s departure from his former team, it became quite difficult for analysts to predict what would happen next. So without further ado let us find out some things that we might have missed because of their significant impact on today’s game..
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The “demar derozan” is a player for the Toronto Raptors. The 3 observations from the win vs. Magic are that he has been leading the team in scoring, assists, and steals., and his game is getting better as time goes on.

3 observations from win vs. Magic


The Philadelphia 76ers continued their hot run in Orlando on Wednesday night. They have now won five consecutive games after defeating the Magic by a score of 116-106. Here are some takeaways from the game. 

1) Seth Curry is settling in well as a point guard. 

The Sixers are severely thin in terms of ball-handlers now that Tyrese Maxey is entered health and safety procedures. Doc Rivers has floated the possibility of employing Seth Curry more at point guard, and the present situation has given him the opportunity to do so. 

Curry, while being more of a scoring guard at heart, has shown to be an excellent facilitator. His greatest offensive effort came on Wednesday, when he had a team-high 12 assists. The sharpshooting guard also had 20 points and seven rebounds to go along with his passing. 

Curry consistently outperforms his peers whenever he is given the opportunity to do more. He established a solid mix between scorer and facilitator despite limited experience at point guard. Rivers will undoubtedly return to this position in the future after witnessing how effectively Curry performed in it. 

2) Furkan Korkmaz continues to be a coveted commodity. 

Furkan Korkmaz was one of the Sixers’ key standouts in Monday’s victory against Houston, and he continued his solid play in Orlando. At first, things didn’t seem good for him, but he managed to turn things around in the second half. Korkmaz, who started for the second consecutive game, finished with 20 points and five rebounds in 40 minutes. 

Monday’s resurgence seems to have boosted Korkmaz’s confidence, as he now appears to be the player we’re used to seeing. More importantly, he isn’t afraid to take shots. Korkmaz is a perfect match for the Sixers’ need for a perimeter shooter who isn’t aware of the situation. Four of his nine efforts from beyond the arc resulted in 12 of his 20 points. 

The Sixers need output to come from someplace now that key contributors are out. Korkmaz appeared to have broken free from the cold spell that had plagued him for weeks, which is good news for them. His concentration must continue on capitalizing on the momentum created by two strong performances. 

3) Tobias Harris makes a comeback

Tobias Harris is another Sixer who has had his share of problems lately. After several boos early in the game, he was captured chirping back at the home fans, which was one of the major tales from Monday’s triumph. 

Despite the distractions, Harris was able to put the game behind him. He rebounded well against the Magic, putting up 22 points, nine rebounds, four assists, two steals, and two blocks on the night. Harris shot the ball well as well, making nine of his 19 tries from the field. 

Harris delivered a much-needed performance. Coming out and performing well against the Magic should wash away the sting of what transpired earlier this week against the Rockets. Harris is a crucial part of the Sixers’ lineup. They can’t afford to allow his mentality and play be harmed by outside influences.  



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The “orlando magic roster” is a team that has been struggling this year. They have 3 observations from the win against the Washington Wizards.

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