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Exposition profile

China (Tianjin) international offshore engineering equipment & port machinery exposition (CIOPE) will be held in Tianjin Meijiang International Convention & Exhibition Center on October 19st to 21rd ,2017. 
With the main theme of “Building world’s Offshore Engineering Base, Expanding Offshore Engineering Equipment Trade, Driving Marine Science and Technology Development, Improving Marine Ecological Civilization”, China (Tianjin) international offshore engineering equipment & port machinery exposition (CIOPE) focuses on reflecting the developing trend of offshore engineering equipment and port machinery industry, especially on showcasing the large equipments, devices, materials and the latest technologies that represent the high-end and front-end development of the industry. The exposition is composed by four parts of showcasing, communicating and trading, senior summit and agreements signing. Relying on each other, CIOPE and China International Offshore Engineering Equipment and Port Machinery Trade Center which is under construction are committed to creating a world wide influential exhibition in offshore and port machinery industry. CIOPE aims at forming a new model of integrating containers manufacturing, international trade, financial service and logistics and distribution by efficiently combining with E-commerce trading platform.


Click here to download invitation. Let’s enjoy the great event together. Wish to see you at CIOPE in Tianjin.

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